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Who will win this UEFA Nations League match?

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Anyone have a replay of that game? Want to watch it relaxed this time...knowing we won...lol

The last 15 minutes we had the french chasing our shadows..its truly was amazing watching us dominate possesision like that...they couldn't touch us...and mind you, this was no a no joke french team...Benz and Mbappe played and were in our D's back pocket....Tchoumeni (Luka's new teammate at Real) couldn't win back the ball either....

A shout out to Budimir as well...did alot of the dirty work up front against some very physical brothers in the back...

And the pos with the long girlyman hair...should have been red carded on the sick elbow to Brekalo...that was more than a yellow...a reckless challenge.

Only complaint was late, can't remember who it was, maybe Stanisic (great game by the way up against Mbappe, he held his own very well) who tried to switch it from our back right and did a left foot pass that got picked off easily and Benz got it and they almost had a great chance....
Many phuckin erotic pop ups to close on the page, but you can can watch the game there. 馃檪 :coffee:

FRA vs CRO - First-Half - DoodStream

FRA vs CRO - Second-Half - DoodStream

The commentators are not the best but this is great to watch the match again.
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Still worry about the right wing position, and I do not know how will Dalic solve his shortage at this position. With all players he tests I think Croatia play with one man down or in best cases with 10.5 players rather than 11!

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Caleta Car will be there. Pongragaric different story but again they have a fall season some will play some won鈥檛. Erlic will most likely go to Sassulo so new scenery who knows how it turns out
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