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we travel 2 belgium [y r dey still unitd???]2 play royal standard de liege......... standard hav been havin a gud european campaign and sit top of r group and beat sevilla at home :scared: mbokani,camargo,defour and onyewu shud b dere key plyrz .........

i hope for a shock upset win coz we r surely da underdogs ...........

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True...We are not playing good games away, we are much stronger home. Moreover Standard is really difficult team. I only trust in our good run in Europe. We are not able to win away from Genova in the league but in UEFA Cup we won in Kaunas and in Belgrade. Important one for us, because I don't like necessity of beating Sevilla in the last leg. Even it is Marassi...

I have found list of players called - up for this game. We are without Palombo :( and without Mirante...but Palombo is more important. In my opinion of course. Here They are:

Portieri: Castellazzi, Fiorillo, Negretti.

Difensori: Accardi, Bottinelli, Campagnaro, Gastaldello, Lucchini.

Centrocampisti: Delvecchio, Dessena, Franceschini, Padalino, Pieri, Sammarco, Stankevicius, Ziegler.

Attaccanti: Bellucci, Bonazzoli, Cassano, Fornaroli.

I am wondering what squad will Mazzarri start with? I hope it won't be ultradefensive one...
It hurts...When Someone shows You that You are not so good as You thought. Before the game I had known it is going to be very, very hard but it was a little hope deep inside...So it hurts. After first half I felt like in the Samp - Milan game from the last season (0-5). We are nothing in away games this season...I just hope we didn't fail European campaign with this game...

Congratulations for Standard...They did great job.

0-1 vs.Cagliari, 0-3 vs.Standard...next one have to be good, especially it is home game, and it is derby time! Forza Samp!
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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