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UEFA cant ban players for WC Qualifiers

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Only FIFA can we should take our case to FIFA before France do i mean UEFA.
With ITV proving the linesman could not even see the penalty inncident we have a strong case.
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This is true I believe they can't ban our players from FIFA World Cup qualifiers, and obviously they can't ban our players from UEFA Euro 2004 qualifiers because.... we don't have to qualify!

They either ban those players still around at the 2004 tournament itself from finals matches in Portugal - which would be very unfair and very unlikely.

I think all they can do really is fine the FPF.

What I find most disappointing, with all the British journalists demanding hefty punishment for Portugal, I recall a couple of weeks ago when UEFA were threatening to throw England out of the tournament for their violent and racist fans, from the other teams, it was only Humberto Coelho who spoke out and said that England should not lose their place in the tournament.

Oldest Allies? One good turn deserves another? These British journalists seem to have forgotten.......

Rob Fernandes
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Come on the tabloids criticise everyone - including the England team. They have a go at the royal family, the prime minister and the pop stars - nobody can escape and there is no bias.

They are just looking for a scapergoat and the sight of Portugal players pushing and shoving referees was hardly going to result in the papers saying "Portugal show how brave they were" or "Portugal are cool for showing how they feel".

Get a grip and face reality

(from a fellow Portugal fan who can ACTUALLY accept some of the criticism for the players' actions, although I agree some papers went over the top)
Maybe they (the players) went a little too far but i don´t blame them.Seeing that crap only makes you react the way Figo did,take the shirt off and walk away.Wassuppose them to accept the linesman attitude easily...like everything is ok,it´s nice,it was very clear,everybody could see it was a penalty,no doubt about it,congratulations mr linesman you have such perfect eyes.No,maybe they shouldn´t surround the referee,they rather do like Figo,take it off.And just leave the field,cause it was all made up even before Zidane kick the ball.

In such a moment they don´t think what´s gonna be next or if they´re gonna be banned and i understand it very well (they should but).I didn´t think of it neither,i was only seeing what was happening there and really wouldn´t mind if the referee shows them all a red card,cause for us that game was over,in a stupid way.
Now we may suffer the consequences but what did we expect them to do?
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Irish see hope in Portuguese suspensions

Ireland's prospects of getting a positive result from their World Cup qualifier away to Portugal next October look set to be boosted when Uefa announce on Sunday their decision on what disciplinary measures are to be taken against the Portuguese for their behaviour in the Euro 2000 semi-final against France on Wednesday night.

It is expected that Benfica striker Nuno Gomes will receive an eight-match ban for his part in the fracas which took place when France were awarded a penalty in extra time.

As well as Gomes, as many as seven other Portuguese players may be suspended by UEFA, which could rule them out of Portugal's meeting with Ireland.

In the second-half of extra-time in Wednesday night's match, several Portuguese players surrounded and abused the referee and linesmen following a controversial penalty award in France's favour when Abel Xavier was accused of handling the ball.

Uefa are believed to regard it as the worst example of player indiscipline of its kind at this level.
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of course UEFA can ban a player for the WC quals.....
Taco, true the tabloids slag off everyone they possibly can but the broadsheets dont and all the broadsheets the day after the game slgged off portugal. The times even compared the players to the english hooligans!
Uefa can ban us , but the Portuguese federation can protest to FIFA all we need is a good case.
Money rules,they can do whatever they want to.If we were France or other "big" team,but we´re portuguese,they will do what they want.
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