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Udinese's purchasing

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De Sactis and Zamboni both from Juventus
Johan Walem from Parma
C. Diaz from Indepientde
J. Guiterriez from espanola(chile)
I aquinta fro, Di sangro
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De Sanctis and Zamboni were already at Udinese last season.
Walem was loaned-out to parma.

The others are not really spectacular:(

Argentinan Defender ROTCHEN of espanyol might join them, Pineda might leave.

If they don't sell big players they don't buy replacements.

Locatelli-Bolonga is coverd by Walem from Parma
Zanchi is coverd by C. Daiz and maby Rotchen
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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