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Remember the 2009 edition will be played in mid-June in Sweden : Thread dedicated to it

Draw will be held tomorrow, apparently :

The draw for the qualifying matches will be held on February 4, 2009. Denmark (host) qualifies automatically for the finals. The remaining 52 federations will be drawn in ten groups (eight groups of five teams and two groups of six). Qualifications start the last week of March 2009. Group winners and best four runner-ups qualify for the straight elimination play-offs to advance to the final tournament.

Qualification pots :

A: Spain, England, Italy, Germany, Serbia, France, Austria, Turkey, Israel, Russia

B: Belarus, Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Wales, Switzerland, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia

C: Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Hungary, Greece, Norway, Moldova, Armenia, Bulgaria, Northern Ireland

D: Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, Albania, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Slovenia, Republic of Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro

E: Cyprus, Georgia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Andorra, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Malta, San Marino, Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg

Note : Effect of 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup on UEFA Under 21 qualifications

The six European federations that have qualified for the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup (Czech Republic, England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Spain) will be drawn in one of the groups of five and will be exempted from playing qualification matches during the month of October 2009.

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The draw :

2011 UEFA European Under-21 Championship
Qualifying group stage

28 March 2009-7 September 2010

[B]Group 1      	Group 2[/B]
1 Russia	1 Turkey
2 Romania	2 Switzerland
3 Moldova	3 Armenia
4 Latvia	4 Republic of Ireland
5 Faroe Islands	5 Georgia
6 Andorra	6 Estonia

[B]Group 3     	     Group 4[/B]
1 Italy	         1 Spain
2 Wales	         2 Finland
3 Hungary	 3 Netherlands
4 Bosnia-Herzegovina	4 Poland
5 Luxembourg	 5 Liechtenstein

[B]Group 5      	Group 6[/B]
1 Germany	1 Israel
2 Czech Republic	2 Sweden
3 Northern Ireland	3 Bulgaria
4 Iceland	4 Montenegro
5 San Marino	5 Kazakhstan

[B]Group 7      	Group 8[/B]
1 Serbia	1 France
2 Croatia	2 Ukraine
3 Norway	3 Belgium
4 Slovakia	4 Slovenia
5 Cyprus	5 Malta

[B]Group 9      	Group 10[/B]
1 England	1 Austria
2 Portugal	2 Belarus
3 Greece	3 Scotland
4 F.Y.R. Macedonia	4 Albania
5 Lithuania	5 Azerbaijan

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albania lucked out with a pretty easy group thast good to see.....we did pretty well last time and had a much harder group so hopefully we can perform well

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I expect Israel to advance aswell.. we've got a great amount of players comming from our youth ranks..

Our group seems rather easy and we should take the first place and reach the playoffs.

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if Romania uses their younger upcomming players, they will go far in this tournament.

But their mistake will be useing the 20/21 year olds to qualify, then have to leave some of them out.
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