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U-21,please submit your country!

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Ok,please everyone,submit your country's U-21 best line up.Give a small text on each player as well.


Starting 11:


Sotiris Liberopulos ( http://www.epo.gr/3/32/322/g32219.html ) is a good young keeper.He is exelent at making reflex saves but is too ewratic at times and quite dodgy at crosses.He is the starting goalkeeper of Kalamata.

Giorgos Hatzizisis ( http://www.epo.gr/3/32/322/g32226.html ) is an extremelly fast and smart wing back with great cross and passing skills.Likes to go up front a lot and scores often.He belongs to PAOK but plays on loan at Kavala.

Giorgos Alexopulos ( http://www.epo.gr/3/32/322/g32204.html ) is a strong but slow central defender who can also play as anchor.He is very good at heading but his limited speed makes him less decent on ground game.He plays for Panathinaikos.

Xenofon Moshogianis ( http://www.epo.gr/3/32/322/g32220.html ) is a central defender.His best skills is his speed but he lacks concentration and makes often silly mistakes.Decent tackling and a specialist at man marking.He starts for Paniliakos.

Kostas Lubutis is a fantastic left wing back.He is fast,agile and tiredless.His best time is when he runs up the field so he can release a powerful long range volley or a decent cross.A fighter who never gives up can surpise a lot of people when he breaks in the international scene.He starts for Aris.

Pandelis Kafes ( http://www.epo.gr/3/32/322/g32212.html ) is a very good offencive midfielder/forward equaly good at the right or the center of the field.A great dribbler and scorer lacks passing.He is constantly improving.He plays for PAOK.

Dimitris Gramozzis is a very good defencive midfielder and is considered one of the best young players in the game.He had an impressive season.A powerful tckler and a great man marker Gramozzis can also operate as a central defender.He is a starter for Hamburg SV in Germany and is set to join Kaiserslautern in the summer.

Hristos Patsatzoglu ( http://www.epo.gr/3/32/322/g32222.html ) is probably the most well balanced young midfielder you can see.The young play-maker is on the verge of receiving a call for the Senior National Team after putting up some exelent performances for his club.He has accurate passing and fights like a mad dog for the ball.His ball winning skills and his exelent positioning,along with his speed and smartness in his game allow him to play as a creative sweeper as well.He plays for Scoda Xanthi but he will surely leave for a bigger team in the summer.

Giorgos Vakouftsis is one of the hottest properties Greek football has.He recenlty broke in the team because of his young age (18).Vakouftsis is a classy right winger,equally good as a forward.He is a lethal scorer and tricky dribbler and has a mean shot.His tends to be too selfish and keeps the ball too much sometimes.His crossing needs some improving but he is expected to play a significant with his age role in his club next season.He plays for Fiorentina.

Sotiris Konstadinidis ( http://www.epo.gr/3/32/322/g32217.html ) is a bing,strong and tall forward with an exelent heading ability.Despite his size he has a very good ball control and he is a good dribbler.Too selfish at times can also play as an offencive midfielder.He plays for AEK.

Lambros Choutos is the best Greek young player.He has probably played his last game with the U-21 side as he is currently a starter at the senior national team.He played for Roma but never got a chance because of a rift with Fabio Cappelo and he was transfred to Olympiakos in the summer.Since then he hasnt stopped scoring.He is only 18 and is definitely among the Top 10 young forwards in Europe.He plays for Olympiakos.

Any given Sunday,you either win or loose.That's FOOTBALL...

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Englands U21 team -

GK - Wright - Talented young Keeper with a lot of Experience, has been called up to the senior squad for the preliminary Euro2000 squad.

DL - Michael Ball - Talented, pacy left back, has been in and out of the Everton side. Walter Smith chooses to use him sparingly. Has problems with consistency.

DR - Danny Mills - Leeds fullback, with good pace, passing and crossing skills. Has competition with Gary Kelly to make the Leeds spot his own.

DC - Jamie Carragher - The caprain of the U21 side, and record holder for number of U21 caps for England. Extremely versatile, can play central defence, right defence or centre of midfield. Tall, strong defender, has been a constant first team player for Liverpool this season. Carragher is however prone to making mistakes at crucial times, but has improved over the course of the season.

DC - Gareth Barry - Left footed central defender who can also play left back. Has been a regular member of the Villa team and called upto the Euro2000 preliminary squad.

ML - Lee Bowyer - Has been instrumental in Leeds season. Very versatile midfielder, can play anywhere, has a great engine, scores goals and has been on the verge of the full England team all season.

MR - David Thompson - Replaces Kieron Dyer in the U21's, played a big part in Liverpools season. Temperment is suspect, very aggresive and hard working right midfielder.

MC - Frank Lampard - Can count himslef unlucky not to be a part of the Euro2000 squad. Very skillful, and hard working midfielder. Has been likened to the legendary Bobby Charlton!

MC - Joe Cole - Possibly Englands greatest talent in midfield since Paul Gascoigne. Has skill, pace, vision and unbelievable tricks. Expect to see him in the Full England squad by World Cup 2002

FC - Francis Jeffers - Replaces Emile Heskey and Michael Owen in the U21 squad. Has been touted as Everton's answer to Michael Owen. Pacy striker, with great talent, needs to grow physically.

FC - Michael Bridges - Leed's top scorer this season in his first season in the Premiership. Has a good eye for goal, cool, calm and clinical striker of the ball.

The team would be much different if the likes of Heskey, Owen, Gerrard and Dyer hadn't been called upto the full national squad.
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