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Turkish football gets better but violent

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Hello everybody is have to say that turkish football is getting better but thats not an excuse for the violent supporters you have. Everytime a turkish team plays in Europe you fight and kill people. THats a reason to ban all your teams a year from euro competitions so your supporters wil calm down . And something else i think that Fenerbahce is better than Galatasaray. CIAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Good night,have nice dreams
Nik r u kiddin' me??

Every time a turkish team plays in Europe WE(?) kill people?
Every time?

What if I went to the Greek forum and said the truth about YOUR greek fans, what would u say then??

I think I'll do that....
WHat about greek fans tell me ? what are we fighting on the streets and kill people ? i dont think so. But please i dont mean that all the turkish fans are violent we have also stupid fans who have nothing to do with football. What im trying to say is that your culture and your history are different from the european and thats why you have that attitude. Please dont get angry
again you nik...
so you mean we have a different culture and history which make us violent and killers...
some unconscious men killed two drunk idiot...it was 24 hours before the match...then killers were arrested and got what they deserved...
tell me what would happen if i came to Athens and urinated your flag in the most crowded place of the city before a match.i know the answer,you don't have to say...it's not something about culture and history...

pls tell me when did our fans kill somebody in Europe?
Nik don't start to provoke us...seriously - no use!

"please don't get angry" :mad:
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