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ULSAN, South Korea (Reuters) - Turkish hackles rose on Thursday when a likely spy from the Brazilian camp appeared to watch their morning World Cup training session.

Turkey meet Brazil on June 3 in group C and coach Fenol Gunes is giving absolutely nothing away on his plans on how to match the Brazilians' world class free kicks.

Turkish staff spotted Gilson Nunes, a former coach of other group C team Costa Rica and Brazilian club sides such as Botafogo, sitting with the media watching the Turks train.

Turkish team manager Can Cobanoglu confronted Nunes and gave him a barbed welcome.

"Well our national trainer on the field there wants to come and see Brazil's evening training session today, don't forget," he told Nunes.

Nunes protested that he was a journalist, although his official id showed he was attached to the Brazil squad.

"All people in the world are friends," he told Turkish reporters. The Turks did not exclude Nunes from the session.
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