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I don't know what is happening, but every time, Tunisia make a very goos qualification phase with a very organized team, very good matches..(especially in 98).
But when WC approach, players are may be afraid or they don't believe in themselves.
Now, we have the most disastering team in WC.
You mustn't miss these appointements :
05/6 :Tunisia-Russia, 10/6 : Tunisia-Belgium and 14/6 : Tunisia-Japan.
You'll see the funniest matches in WC with a so laughing Tunisian Team.
May be other problems will reenforce the weakness of the team :
* 3 coaches in 6 months
* abscence of the best 3 forwards in TN league (Oussama Sallami,Jameleddine Limam and Imed ben Younes).
* very short preparation time..
For, who don't know it, Tunisia (excepting the goal scored against Danemark in 26-05) hasn't scored any goal in an international game since Tunisia-Liberia (7-2) who was played on December :
Zam-Tun :0-0
Sen-Tun :0-0
Egy-Tun :1-0
Skorea-Tun :0-0
Norway-Tun :0-0
So, I'll be happy if Tunisia scored a goal in this WC (even if it's a penalty) and gets a draw:
4-Tunisia 1pt W0-D1-L2-GS1-GA?
Every other better performance would be a surprise.
I'm not pessimist, but realist.
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