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Will Tubakovic return to Partizan?lol.He came to AEK Athens and he destroyed all the players.Fortunately, he revealed from the position of manager in AEK and AEK finished 3rd.When Tubakovic was in AEK it was 7th!
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he probably will but i doubt that he 'destroyed the players'!
he is already in partizan and surely he won't destroyed players because he is a great manager. my remark is that he shouldn't have brought bjekovic and petric in AEK. also, i think that if aek kept him they would be the best team in greece for a long period of time but you greeeks are so impatient. you want results overnight and that's practiclly impossible.
It was practically impossible for AEK to score a goal when Tuba was on charge. :)

He bought a million Serbian players and all of them were HUGE flops and especially the "Maradona of Balkans",Dragan Ciric.Bjekovic couldnt score to save his soul and Petric was a joke in defence.Lets not mention Matjasevic who was bought as a "huge" talent and couldnt pass the ball.Not even ONE played a bit good.Flops,all and every single one of them.Despite playing SO bad almost all of them were at the starting 11 (only Matjasevic was so incredibly bad that tuba didnt even consider using him) all the time instead of Greek players who were on form and better.

Tuba may be good for Partizan but for AEK he was awful.He didnt do just bad,he also ruined everything in the team by refusing to play certain players and all the players in the team were angry at him because he was behaving like a general.When the new coach arrived he found out all the players were lacking fitness because of Tubakovic's "training method". :)

Too bad AEK didnt keep him so they would fall even lower. :(

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
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