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TSL Week 3 : Trabzonspor - Besiktas : 0-0

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First "derby" of the season. Trabzon have made major changes in the summer break to get a shot at the title this season. They won both of their games of the new season so they should be a good challange for us. A win would be a great result...DUH and I expect we will get it if we don't concede any stupid goals. Holosko still injured so, he may be out for this game. Other than that everyone is fit.

I am expecting a highscoring game 2-3 for us. Good luck to our boys.
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Dont get into discussions with me via threads. Send me a private message with a link instead.

Because this is dictatorship not democracy.
Whats special about Baros and Sanctis?
Let me rephrase it... What makes Baros and De Sanctis a better signing than Zapo, Sivok and Josico?
I think they will add more to GS than the others will to their respective teams. Time will tell of course
i stopped watching this after the first half. pretty dissappointing it was.
At the end of the season, BJK may fail to score against GS, FB, TS, Sivas, etc. and finish fourth in the league (if not worse). Still, I'm positive half of the forum will come back to me saying THE TEAM HAS IMPROVED. :D

(A diminishing minority :) but ...) I don't rush to a conclusion on transfers. Just yet.
Galatasaray once again decided to appease their fans by signing 'big names'
Sivok, Zapo, Ekrem, Ugur

Kewell, Baros, Sanctis, Meira

my point... beautifully articulated
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