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TSL Week 3 : Trabzonspor - Besiktas : 0-0

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First "derby" of the season. Trabzon have made major changes in the summer break to get a shot at the title this season. They won both of their games of the new season so they should be a good challange for us. A win would be a great result...DUH and I expect we will get it if we don't concede any stupid goals. Holosko still injured so, he may be out for this game. Other than that everyone is fit.

I am expecting a highscoring game 2-3 for us. Good luck to our boys.
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Id be shocked if Besiktas would be champs, they havent finished their 10 years yet as they become champs in every ten years. :D

cok gorduk boyle balonlari
Its everytime the same at the beginning of the season with their famous chant ; GELIYORUZ..

But we all know how it ends every time. :D
This looks alot like the TS-GS game of last year, unless someone scores in the dying minuts like we did last year, this game will probably end like this. Only for opportunity for Serkan so far, the only one in the game so far.
Korkmaz senin tek yaptigin sey satasmakmi? Daha yeni geri geldin hala aynisin.
ermeniler yuzunden ban yedim burda yasananlardan degil

hem soylediklerimi cok ciddiye alma takiliyorum iste :)
Toraman showed he can be good as an DM'er, he did better than from what ive seen from Cisse, who I think is a tad bit overrated.

With Toraman instead of Cisse, you wont have to bench a player like Toraman and you'll have a foreign spot in the first 11 open for a forward for example. Besiktas can be succesfull in the uefa as they finally have an decent backline but I think you should have got yourselves a new GK. Rustu hasnt been tested much so far but we all know what he's capable of when he is.
1 - 7 of 109 Posts
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