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TSL Week 3 : Trabzonspor - Besiktas : 0-0

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First "derby" of the season. Trabzon have made major changes in the summer break to get a shot at the title this season. They won both of their games of the new season so they should be a good challange for us. A win would be a great result...DUH and I expect we will get it if we don't concede any stupid goals. Holosko still injured so, he may be out for this game. Other than that everyone is fit.

I am expecting a highscoring game 2-3 for us. Good luck to our boys.
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I hope all the streams won't be cut of halfway through the match unlike yesterday. :(
No Gala, Fener talk...
Whats special about Baros and Sanctis?
Let me rephrase it... What makes Baros and De Sanctis a better signing than Zapo, Sivok and Josico?
1 - 5 of 109 Posts
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