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TSL Week 3 : Trabzonspor - Besiktas : 0-0

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First "derby" of the season. Trabzon have made major changes in the summer break to get a shot at the title this season. They won both of their games of the new season so they should be a good challange for us. A win would be a great result...DUH and I expect we will get it if we don't concede any stupid goals. Holosko still injured so, he may be out for this game. Other than that everyone is fit.

I am expecting a highscoring game 2-3 for us. Good luck to our boys.
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The battle for third place has turned out to be a very dull affair :D
I'd be shocked (even with the officials assistance :howler:) if Galatasaray finished anywhere higher than 3rd this season

you guys are clowns

**** Galatasaray,
Galatasaray winning the league last year was recently classified as a miracle by the Vatican
You could pay a million officials and win a million titles,
but you can never scourge the shame that comes with calling oneself a Galatasarayli
Actually after your 8-0 record-defeat I wouldnt ever dare to say the name of Besiktas in my mouth

I know bjk fans have complexes as they are the 3rd club of Turkey and fener and cimbom are the 2 big rivals. You're true rival is the one you're playing now actually and the one you'll be fighting for the 3rd spot at the end of the season. :hopeful:
:howler: :howler: :howler:

I mean theyve actually accomplished things without having to pay for them!

They could even afford to build their own stadium without the help of the league! wowwwww

You can say what you want about Besiktas, but it means nothing to me coming from someone like yourself
you're wrong no one respects Galatasaray
not the fenerli, not the besiktasli, and not anyone, anywhere in this world
we are actually much better than last year
We could go far in the UEFA Cup this year
i am pretty confident with the quality of players we have at our disposal, especially in defense... we haven't had this much depth in the back since 2003
Because of quantity as well. (In 2003, BJK had 5 defensive field players, now 6)

Do you know defense is no issue at GS and they still get heavily criticized?
galatasaray are clowns, they have yet to learn their lesson in signing players.

For once, Besiktas made pragmatic signings, but Galatasaray once again decided to appease their fans by signing 'big names'
Galatasaray once again decided to appease their fans by signing 'big names'
Sivok, Zapo, Ekrem, Ugur

Kewell, Baros, Sanctis, Meira

my point... beautifully articulated
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