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TSL Week 3 : Trabzonspor - Besiktas : 0-0

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First "derby" of the season. Trabzon have made major changes in the summer break to get a shot at the title this season. They won both of their games of the new season so they should be a good challange for us. A win would be a great result...DUH and I expect we will get it if we don't concede any stupid goals. Holosko still injured so, he may be out for this game. Other than that everyone is fit.

I am expecting a highscoring game 2-3 for us. Good luck to our boys.
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I'd be shocked (even with the officials assistance :howler:) if Galatasaray finished anywhere higher than 3rd this season

you guys are clowns

**** Galatasaray,

They have the refs... :smileani:
Every single post about GS and Fener will be erased from now on.

Ok, we went after 1 point and got it. Nothing wrong with it since Fener has lost 6 points so far and Galatasaray 4. Our attack was non-existent this game, we have to improve lot here when we meet strong teams like Trabzon. We are lucky that we are meeting them so early this season at away, i am sure that they´ll be a lot better team in coming months. I was especially impressed by Song this game, what a rock at the back!

I think many BJK fans has to thank the guy that bought Sivok&Zapo to this team. Despite our non-existent passing and Tellos constantly "assists" to the opponents, they were solid. Actually our defence will be our biggest asset this season. :thumbsup:

Song is the man, I wish we had gotten him. Along with Selcuk Inan.
A very humble guy too, i asked him for a picture when i was in Trabzon in August, the guy was talking in phone, he actually even apolagized for making me wait for the picture. Adam gibi adam yani.... :thumbsup:
Yasko, I'm not thanking Sivok-Zapo at all. I'd rather want Holosko-Bobo and one Turk, with Sivok as backup.

Why? BJK didn't win today.
Holosko was injured....
But you would put Zapo-Sivok even if Holosko were available, right?
I think the defence is most important, Zapo-Sivok-Cisse-Holosko would play in my team every game. The rest depending on forms of the turkish players&injuries...
Yasko, be consistent. Then you have to field Uzulmez.
No i dont have to, Tello as left-back or Emre Özkan, even Toraman could be used there(if injuries comes).

So i dont actually se a problem here.

BTW, Trabzon crowd was extreemly bad today. They didnt create a athmosphere at all. It felt like a friendly game....
BJK cannot advance much in UEFA Cup even if they solidified the defense with all the foreigners in stock. Cannot score against Trabzon!!
BJK can play all their foreigners in UEFA. And Trabzon is not a bad team, they are a very good team this season and they were playing at home.

As for Sivok he was very good today and have been good those games he played. Even you have to admit that now. If we had Zan&Toroman this game we would most probably got slaughtered this game... :rollani:
As suggested, we fielded Toraman-Zan last season and used three attackers (three-man midfield) and won in Trabzon. (Umut-G.Unal are hardly classified as the best of Superlig)
Trabzon of last season and this season is like day&night.

Sivok played in Antalya and the defense conceded two in the first 36 minutes. He and Zapo also played against a Bonsia team. Do you remember the name of the club? Were they good?
Super-Gala-of-Doom-with-their-uber-stars got only 1-1 at home agains Antalya...

Sivok played in Antalya and the defense conceded two in the first 36 minutes. He and Zapo also played against a Bonsia team. Do you remember the name of the club? Were they good?
They were rock solid yesterday against a very good team and despite that our midfield constantly lost possesion.

Sivok turned 25 today and he ACTUALLY has no track record as international-class defender.
Hes age is another advantage. Nihat for example didnt have any track record at all as right midfielder when he came to BJK when he was 17 year old, despite that he played very good.

Just two caps between 2005 and 2008 as midfielder (of course, many youth caps, that's why his price has been elevated). Hit blank at Udinese - as midfielder. Regular at Sparta Praha, which has lower coefficients than BJK.
I prefer a 25 year old player with potential than a 33 old fart with only fame left.... :smileani:

In the meanwhile, it's to BJK's advantage to have three solid CB's (four, if to add Zan).
I do not regard Zan&Toroman as solid if you mean them as CBs, Toroman maybe as full-back.
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