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TSL | W33 | Sivasspor (Away)

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Right, this and our home match against Genclerbirligi OFTAS will be the title decider, we need 6 points in each match. We need to forget about the derby win over Fener fast and concentrate on picking up points against both sides, we need 4 points in the least. We can do this. It would be such a bitter sweet end to a cathartic season in terms of the way the club has been run.
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Arda "het tirik" yapti. Couldn't have asked for a better game today.
Galatasaray are defending with 10 men.
5-3 Hakan Sukur...
I just got in, 4-3??? WTF WTF WTF!!!
5-3??? :eek:
Salak Hakan Sukur :yuck:
5-3 It's over.... Great win....
We NOW deserve to be the champions!
Come back and a half. Sampiyon.
I would hate to see GS become champions :(. It makes baby jesus cry :(
Have fun in the Intertoto cup.

We proved today that we deserve the title, don't let rival fans or media retards fool you. Three times we lost an advantage today, and we never EVER gave up. Arda Turan cemented his status today as a Galatasaray legend in the making, I'm so proud of him :proud:
Have fun in the Intertoto cup.
owned :howler:

Arda Turan cemented his status today as a Galatasaray legend in the making, I'm so proud of him :proud:
depends on how long he stays with us
I would say you deserve the title but then I remember how lucky you have been with referee's this season. This is not me being bitter or ignorant. You guys have been very lucky this season; offside goals, penalties that weren't, these have all worked in favour of you. If you read through the first 10 match topics of this season in your forum, even GS posters were saying that you won a few games thanks to the ref.

Yes, your team has a lot of passion and desire (of which I admire) but you would have to be either blind or a ****ing retard (geri zekalı) not to think that the ref's have helped you big time along the way.
Yes, we have gotten some breaks with the referees, but we have taken advantage of them, so it's tough to blame the players for that. Your team has also received a couple of big calls in your favour, albeit substantially less that we. But all in all, this is the TSL, so this is going to be an issue every season..
Sinan Çapraz

Ben öyle düşünmüyorum.. O zaman gs da kasımpaşaya yenildi veya antepe puan verdi şeklinde de bakabiliriz...

Ben Kaleci Süleymanuyu düşünüyorum..

Ben Mehmet Topuz´un Ali Samiyendeki müthiş mücadelesini düşünüyorum..

Ben Arda´nın Kerime yaptığı faulü düşünüyorum..

Ya da Hakan Baltanın biçişine verilmeyen kırmızı karta.. Hem de maçın başında..

Ya da Sabrinin bir güreşçi edasıyla Gençlerli oyuncuyu yıkmasını..

Servet´in 3 metre ofsayttan attığı gole hiç bir şey diyemiyorum...

Edu´nun Kayseri´de gördüğü kırmızı kart var bir de...

Yani böyle bakıyorum olaya..Daha çoğaltabilirim... Bursaya Ankaragücüne puan verebilirsin.. Bunlar futbolun içinde olan şeyler..

Ama Necati Ateşlerin liginde oynuyoruz biz.. Daha önce de dedim biz bu lig için fazla safız‚ temiziz...

Ama fark nerde ortya çıkıyor?

Helsingborg Leverkusen Chelsea Sevilla maçlarında....

Bunlar böyle şampiyon olsun... Biz her sene ilk 8de iken onlar daha çok ağlarlar...

8 Sene önceki Uefa kupasıyla avunurlar...

Mutluyum huzurluyum..

Teşekkürker çocuklar... Teşekkürler Fenerbahçe...
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Omer sen dunyanin en gerizekali, en serefsiz insansin biliyormusun?

Fethullah Gulen'in amina koyayim.
I like the young motivated players that GS has, and the elements that made me dislike (H Sukur, H Sas, etc.) haven't been a feature this season. And given the fact that the 'star' that was supposed to take GS to the next level did NOTHING this season, the rest of the squad deserves credit for carrying on.

I wonder when the last time a club's manager resigned, a new chairman was elected and within a month, they then improved to win the title?
Yenibey you are absolutely correct in your assessment, however I think that Hakan Sukur showed tremendous leadership this season. Without his presence, I don't know that a squad as young and inexperienced as ours could have kept their composure throughout all the difficulties we have had to face this season
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