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TSL Round 33: Fenerbahce v Genclerbirligi

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Here, you lazy ****s.

A few more injuries to add to this, so I'm throwing out;

Serdar (Volkan possibly out)
Yasin (Lugano out)
Edu Dracena
Ugur (Wederson out)
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I was in my local grocery store a few hours ago when I heard a loud commotion from the aisle over. I walked over there and saw a guy passed out in the middle of the aisle, the manager was screaming for help and it was obvious he was starting to panic. I walked up to the guy and the manager asked if I knew cpr, I thought the whole thing over in my head.

This guy wasn't passed out, he was pretending to be passed out and while everybody was trying to get help he would pop up, steal a few groceries and leave. I stroked my chin in amusment as I realized I was too clever for this "passed out" joker. I told the manager to step aside and then I started to beat the crap out of the guy on the floor. After I hit him in the head about 16 times I looked to make sure he was really passed out this time and just as I expected he was out cold. I got up and told the manager that he could let me have my stuff for free since I just caught the burglar for him.

Much to my shock and awe he started cussing and called me a moron. That did it. I lifted up my shades, took the cigar out of my mouth, looked him straight in the eye and said " excuse me sir but this can has a dent in it" and then I hit him in the head as hard as I could with a can of tomato soup. I then turned to the dairy section when I saw an asian stockboy coming at me with a gallon of milk. He threw the milk at me but I caught it with my left hand and then crashed the jug into his head sending milk everywhere. As he slumped to the ground I looked at him and said "looks like you've expired".

I took the groceries without paying as I feel the manager owed me something for not thanking me. As I left I met an 18 year old Spanish girl so we hit the clubs and danced for a few hours. Things started to pick up after a slow week.
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That was a nice read, thanks.

Not much to say really after last week. Let's hope we can win our remaining 2 games and what ever happens with Sivas & GS happens.
well our fate is not in our hands but let's see if the squad actually puts some frieken heart into the last 2 games. I want to win today no matter how the other game goes, and I want to see some good football.
and which one of you said that LigTV has crap technology and sucks...was it Cenk? I don't remember,but they have multiple live feeds on the leadup to the game! That is incredible for LigTV, they must have just got some new equipment! :D
Starting lineup:

Serdar, Yasin, Kezman, Aurelio, Ali Bilgin, Alex, Uğur, Maldonado, Edu, Gökhan, Deivid.

Kazim has been mediocre as of late but Ali Bilgin as a replacement? :googly:
Nice, I'd like to see Ali Bilgin get a good amount of minutes under his belt playing with a legitimate line-up around him. Actually I'd like to see a lot of our reserve players with that opportunity rather than playing all of them at once, it's not exclusive to Ali.

But . . I'll be watching the other game, there's going to be a 'Sivas Kongre' at my house tonight :howler:
haha hopefully Sivas get the result Tolga! Hopefully Ali can prove himself today.
and hopefully Yasin doesn't just keep booting the ball to no one like Can does...
So I guess it's Ali on the left and Deivid on the right, or the other way around?
not sure.
It seems that Zico learned the lesson from the GS match. Rather than moving Ugur, Deivid, and Kazim into positions that aren't their normal one, he simply moves Ugur back and brings in a new LM. Deivid will provide more energy than Kazim from the right and that will make Gokhan more effective, etc etc.
Hadi hayirlisi. Let's see what happens after the game.
Remember the 2004-2005 season when Alex single-handedly secured all 6 points vs. Genclerbirligi? Let's hope he returns to that form today...
How cool was what LigTV just showed!

They show a TV screen in one of the luxury boxes with the SS v GS match on with Sivas getting ready to take a corner. They cut away to rejoin play in the FB match and you hear a loud rumble from the crowd as Sivasspor score! :cool:

Hopefully FB will pick it up now, it's been pretty boring midfield posession so far...
F%#$! Yasin. Get's lazy and ruins the off-side trap, Kahe walks in an scores.

If it finishes like this Fenerbahce are in 3rd place.... :rollani:
Yazik, I feel so sorry for Aziz Yildirim and the fans.
Edu with a lifeline right before the half, 1-1.

I'm really impressed with Zico's bold move in the 33rd minute to take off Ali Bilgin and Moldonado to bring on more attack with Kazim and Semih. I was hoping that they'd keep on Ali and take off Kezman.
It worked for about 5 minutes as the energy really picked up, but then the lazyness resumed :rollani:
There is just nothing more that needs to be said to motivate these guys. The window is closing really quickly...
Bravo GS, they beat us at home and are now leading 2-1 away at Sivas. Bravo! That's how a team gunning for the title should play! :thumbsup: Unlike our lot, who apparently don't give a shit what happens. :thmbdown:
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