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Troll Parade: Beckham vs. Gourcuff

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Okay guys.

Is it fair to say Spice Boy has shown more in a handful of games than Yoann in his entire Milan stay? Goals wise, yes. And no, I am still not a Beckham fan... shit, I guess I just became one ;).

Is this a result of Carlo's attitude towards both?
Is this because Becks is better? :D
Is this because Gourcuff can't play in a big team?
Is this because Beckham has found a spot in a midfield without Gattuso while Gourcuff had to live some of the very best Seedorf had to offer?

You decide. If your happiness score exceeds 10 Hedons, donate 25 cents to XT.
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Well Dae answered you question just perfectly IMO :D
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