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Tristen may miss WC?

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According to one report: "Spain striker Diego Tristan faces a scan on Thursday to discover whether he has broken the femur bone in his left thigh. "It is bad luck, but I am calm," said the Deportivo La Coruna star, who would miss the World Cup if the diagnosis is bad "

It would be a disaster if Spain loses Tristen :depress: . He has been Spain's best forward this year (Raul included), and nontheless finally a perfect compliment for Raul to lead the spanish attack. He is very inconsistent, but one would have hoped he shows his best performances in the WC.

Anyone have an update on this? knowing Moro's injury track record, it would be another disaster if that problem re-surfaces before the WC.

Once again the prospect of Raul' striking partner being Catanha or Urzaiz could turn out to be a disappointing reality :cry:
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No, I doubt it, as I've read the injury will last about 2 weeks, so he should be OK for the World Cup
Following a Magnetic Resonance Indicator exam, it was discovered that he had suffered a micro-fibre rupture in the quadriceps of his left leg. That will keep him injured for up to 2 weeks.
You would have got the information needed right from the Depor forum...:confused:....
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