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Trezeguet and Hubner share top scorers' crown

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ROME, May 5 (AFP)
Juventus striker David Trezeguet and Piacenza's Dario Hubner shared the title of top goalscorer as Italy's Serie A season came to a close on Sunday.
Trezeguet scored his side's opening goal in the 2-0 victory over Udinese that saw the Turin outfit crowned champions of Italy while Hubner scored twice including a penalty in the 3-0 victory over Verona that ensured Piacenza avoided relegation at their opponents' expense.
Both men, who finish with 24 goals each, succeed Lazio's Argentinian forward Hernan Crespo who bagged 26 last season.
Trezeguet will be a key member of France's side in this summer's World Cup but Italy coach Giovanni Trapattoni has ruled out a call-up for 34-year-old Hubner who only made his Serie A debut at the age of 30.
Leading scorers (Italian unless stated)
24 goals - David Trezeguet (Juventus/Fra), Dario Hubner (Piacenza)
22 goals - Christian Vieri (Inter Milan)
20 goals - Marco Di Vaio (Parma)
18 goals - Filippo Maniero (Venezia)
16 goals - Cristiano Doni (Atalanta), Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus)
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On his 24 goals, Trezeguet did not make any PK nor freekicks :rolleyes: :cool:
Our top scorers in history

David Trezeguet is Serie A top scorer along with Dario Hubner. They both scored 24 goals, even if our Trezegol didn't score penalties at all.
David is now in blackandwhite history with the other seven top scorers. The last one was another french idol, Michel Platini.

1932/33 Borel II° 29 goals 1933/34 Borel II° 32 1947/48 Boniperti 27 1951/52 Hansen J. 30 1957/58 Charles 28 1959/60 Sivori 27 1979/80 Bettega 16 1982/83 Platini 16 1983/84 Platini 20 1984/85 Platini 18 2001/02 Trezeguet 24

Wasn't Inzaghi topscorer in 97 or 98?
kcII said:

Wasn't Inzaghi topscorer in 97 or 98?
1996/97, on loan from Parma to Atalanta that season. :)
Bravo TrezeGoal !!!! No Easy task and you did it !!!

Congrats in Order !!

DARIO HUBNER RULES !! He deserves to be the winner cuz he scored 24 goals for a tiny club like Piacenza!!!!
who did absolutely nothing wheras Juve won the scudetta... you tell me whose goals were more important;)
I think you have to look at how other teams play against the likes of Piacenza as opposed to Juve. How many times have you seen Juve give up goals on a counter attack? All the "little" teams like Piacenza, more often than not, do nothing but defend as if their lives depended on it when they play a "big" team like Juve. So, looking at it this way, Trez has to fight through a lot more opposition to get through on goal. Hubner probably doesn't meet with much resistance other than one or two defenders that are caught by surprise. On top of that, 6 of Hubner's 24 were penalties. None of Trezegol's were! ;) I'm not saying Hubner is absolute garbage, but I think Trez reaching 24 the way he did shows how much more talented he is... and, theoretically, he hasn't even reached his peak yet! :cool:
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