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Bianconeri on the scene, schooling white boys from Spain
Los Blancos? Tryin' to hide them cum stains?
Numero quattro in La Liga, behind freakin' Los Che
Now in line to get wrecked by the champions, perché?

Real Madrid:

Los Vikingos step in, MC Hammer of the footballing world
Cause we drop dope thundering rhymes, from the skies, just like Thor
Till u drop on ur knees and beg "please, no more, no more!"
8-1-7, we're one up and going through
To the semis. Bit of more than you can chew
Real Madrid plebs, owning clubs since 19-O-2


With that leaky defense you're gettin' ****ed from behind
Marcelito, are you a left-back or a winger, make up ur mind!
Yo Toni,cool name... Bwah screw this!
Germans and jokes just don't mix...
Next target Lukitaaa
The ultimate betaaa
No pleasure in dissing ya, cause you're a retard
Who can't make a pass in excess of 10 yards
Isco-Disco, man you play in slow-mo
Just a pretty face with no pace #nohomo
Basta with the midfield sidekicks
Movin' on to the trio of pricks
Aka BBC, as in the dicks.
Yo Benzema, after I'm servin' ya
Don't go cry like a putana
To Cristiana
Tried to **** Valbuena, seriously how could you stoop so low?
Out of this whole pack of bitches you're the no.1 hoe!
Leave rappin to others cause you suck on the mic
And quit football too, can't score to save your life.
Gonna skip glass-man Gareth, cause he's already history
Droppin' cold bars on him might cause an injury
There's only 1 Ronaldoooo it's not you Penaldooo
You can score but that's it, no pass and no dribble
The rivalry with Messi's over, fo' shizzle!
Stop competing with him; makes you look like a fool!
There's only on crown faggot, let the true king rule!


You hate me cause I'm handsome and rich
And when we meet on the pitch
I always make you my bitch! Fly like a jet,
Head that cross, make Buffon pick the ball from the net.
You think I'm lazy and can't play, then out of the blue
"Pass for Ronaldo, he shots!" SIIIUUUUUUUUU


Yeah whatever, let's spare one line for Zidane
Is that head just for butting? You never have a plan!
Huge luck with your finals, so don't get too greedy
Halla Madrid? Ur fans be like "Hala Habibi"
DISGRACE of a team, helped by the Franco regime
No "italian promise", Madridiots gonna SCREAM
On April 3rd, when we step on LOS WHIPPED CREAM.

Real Madrid:

Franco Regime? How Ironically!
One word for you putas, CALCIOPOLI
Think you'll outscore us with that joke of a team?
Who's gonna do it? *snort* Higuain???
Copa America FLOP, World Cup Final FLOP
Yo fatboy, raise a hand when you want us to stop!
Don't get your hopes high, you're gonna fail miserably
Like anyone who plays against the champions of the Galaxy
Spaniards passing slick, spitting sick, with no Spanish Flu
Better at Hip-Hop, better at football, better at everything than you!
We keep it Real, conquering slim odds with nerves of steel
WTF? Get that briefcase outta my face, NO DEAL!
Swallow precise rhymes, with lethal accuracy
From the no.1 club of the 20th Century
On to the 21th now, long or short term memory
And that's not up for debate
So you'd better prostrate
Before the Gods of the sport
And we might hold back, and leave u on life support.
White kings of football and rappin, Los Slim Shadies
Let's be quick tho, no fun in beatin ol' ladies ;)

My first time writting a rap song so be gentle :ebarassed2: The flow runs smooth with the beats in my head :D

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Jinx :devil2:

No Jinx when Real Madrid is in question

We either are on fire or not

And now we are and Juventus are no match for us,this is know for sure

Plus we play like possessed in CL and our only piece of the puzzle that was missing is back on Fire,and as we speak he scored agains Girona

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I think it's as one sided as this


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frankly im confident we will go through if we remain healthy but this if becomes bigger and bigger every day- since the draw was made Chiellini and Sandro have picked up injuries, if they dont recover we will be without 5 starters for the first game.

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Our injuries this season have been shithouse..we will miss chiellini and sandro and many more will be out im sure. Either way it wouldn't matter cuz if mandzukic is available he will start and allegri will play 2 in midfield and real will rape us.
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