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Trapattoni ruined Fiorentina

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Former Viola director Mario Sconcerti claims that Giovanni Trapattoni was the man who started their road to ruin.

“I think our destruction was down to Trapattoni and director Nello Governato,” explained the journalist who was once Vittorio Cecchi-Gori’s right hand man.

“Predrag Mijatovic, for example, was a pointless luxury for the team. He was signed because we wanted to play with three upfront, but after two games he was dropped.”

“I am sorry for Mijatovic as he is a lovely lad,” added Sconcerti, “but now he has become a ball and chain for this club.”

Sconcerti was named as the main reason behind Fatih Terim’s departure from the Viola last season.

Nonetheless, he continues to defend unpopular patron Cecchi Gori. “It’s time to end this war against Vittorio. He is a dictator who is already dead and no longer makes a difference in football.”

A recent report from a court appointed accountant discovered that Fiorentina’s financial crisis is “irreversible” and recommended controlled administration.

“These claims are very damaging for the club,” suggested Sconcerti. “Football clubs have always financed their next transfer campaign on the edge of debt. There are sides in much worse shape than Fiorentina, for example Napoli.”

The former director turned to the future for the troubled side that will start again in Serie B next season.

“The time for finding who is responsible for all this is over. Now we must only work towards finding solutions.”

“Besides,” he added, “the situation isn’t even that bad now. By my calculations, I think Fiorentina need to find £10m to break even at the end of the season, as we are still owed another £10m overall.”

A mass sell-off of players is expected this summer with a pay cut for those who remain.

“Everyone is for sale,” he confessed. “I would only keep talented youngsters who can play in Serie B, such as Agostini and goalkeeper Mario Cassano.”

Fiorentina are said to have already signed a new Coach, but will only reveal his name next week.

“I know who it is,” concluded Sconcerti, “but I can only tell you who it is not. It will not be Bortolo Mutti or Renzo Ulivieri, but I can say that I am very pleased with the new Coach."

Recent reports suggest the new tactician will be Reggina boss Franco Colom
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Didn't I say that Trap started it before? ;)
Interesting theory but I would like to see some more reasons for it besides Mijatovic.

At this point, everyone is blaming everyone else. Pretty soon it will be the shoe shine boy who caused Fio's downfall.
Yeah right pick a scapegoat,Take responsibility for yourself Vittorio Cecchi Gori knew the club was in crisis for a while yet did he do something about it NO!!!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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