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We tried the translation site for the beginning of the interview with almighty Zico (see next page), and this was the result. It´s really quite funny! You can almost understand it.


He went the one three Copas of the world as a game player (78, 82 AND 86) AND the one another as a coordinator - by our service (98). At the ã has gained no. Your generation ã, than it is to still he had um Sócrates um Junior AND um Falcon ã, one of more geniais produzidas by the soccer ball Brazilian , he exited of the fields without the biggest of the bonds. Worse for the history of the Copas , than it is to he left as of awarded los. Notwithstanding , by today Zico is the more receiving teller as of all of. Like wasting that pênalti against it the one France , well into 86? " the one our generation ã at the ã he went choped pra come to those conquest ", he affirms Zico , without dó , in this appointment exclusiva on the subject of Copa of the world. THE ONE Chicken recall the one jerky ã as of Ronaldo , in case that he refuses the one talk about Romário AND he defends the style Felipo ã.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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