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Well, i'm not following the Greek league closely but these are the transfers of the clubs that ended at top of the greek league last year and i read about in the last weeks.
Just to get the topic started and help adriaan a bit :D
Correct or add if you want...

Zetterberg (Anderlecht)
Gabriel Alvez (Nacional Montevideo - Uruguay)
Angelos Georgiou (Paniliakos )
Christos Patsatzoglou
Ze Elias (Bologna)

Paulo Sousa (Inter Milan)
Goran Vlaovic (Valencia)
Daniel Saric (Dynamo Zagreb )

Fernando Rodolfo Davas
Emmanuel Diego Salvador Ruiz
Emiliano Re
Luis Dario Calvo


Ifeani Udeze

Ederson Fofonka (somewhere in Uruguay i think)
Andreas Reinke (Kaiserlautern)

Transfers like Choutos from Roma to Olympiakos do they count also or was this one completed already before the end of this year and did he played with Olympiakos at the end of the season ?
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