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We signed Biakolo....talent....good sign!
We swaped Moriero and Colonnese for Gottardi and Lombardi...also a good swap...i think!

more to come....

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We have also signed a new italian youth forward...
His name is Corrado Colombo....

Ventola has been loaned to Atalanta....

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Inter-Lazio swap shop ««
The first half of a double swap deal involving Inter Milan and Lazio is on the verge of being completed, with Mauro Colonnese and Attilio Lombardo set to switch clubs.
Colonnese signed a three year contract with Lazio on Tuesday and Lombardo is expected to follow suit with Inter today.
However, the other exchange deal on the table involving Pippo Moriero of Inter and Lazio's Guerino Gottardi is still some way from completion.
It could be a few days yet, before this swap is somewhere near to completion.


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Its Francesco Moriero not pippo? Its also Francesco Colonnese not Mauro?? And its Lombardi thats coming to Inter not the bald Lombardo! Get ur facts right please....
The swap deal with Lazio was ridiculous, Colonnese and Moriero are great players! Gottardi and Lombardi are two training cones stood on the pitch, I also think signing Corrado Colombo? Whoever that is! Is a terrible move! I mean he's a striker! He's never gonna play for Inter Milan except maybe a few minutes like Nello Russo this season... I think 1 more defender and 1 more midfielder should be enough signings for next season, we have a squad that can easily win the Treble! But all we gotta do is get consistent home AND away, the side also lacks cohesion and understanding, we need them to gel together

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