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Does anyone know any latest transfers in the Yugo league?

Is there any new players to Red Star?

If u know plz tell me

thanx in advance!!!
:) :) :)

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It's sad when u have to reply to yer self....hehehehe :) :) :)

but i heard Kezman is going to AC Milan...for sure though.....I read this in Srpski Glas

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The thing is Vladz, that at the moment these are all speculations, nothing is sure until the player signs the contract and there hasn't been much happening when it comes to that.. :)

But here the rumors I've been reading about..

Bunjevcevic to Fiorentina
Pjanovic to Benfica, Oviedo
Gojkovic to ...?

Dzodic from Monpelje
Radjenovic from OFK Beograd
Zoric from Obilic
Belic from Vojvodina
Tanasijevic from Vojvodina



Krstajic to Verder (confirmed)
Tomic to ............?
Kezman to Milan ??


Nedovic from Buducnost
Martinovic from Rad
Vukic from Athletico (confirmed - already played for Partizan)
Curcija from South Melbourne (confirmed)

Most of them, as I said, are mostly rumors, so we will see what happens.. :) :)
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