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Transfers Galatasaray

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haha...of course it driver X that makes these sad anyilizing. mid table...haha i almost fell off my chair when i read that....like eclipse said, turkey has 3 good teams and only those 3 fight for the championship every year...i would know because i lived there years ago...unless if there was a miracle and tranzonspour bought rivaldo and figo to get them fighting along with the other 3. hahaha driver X, you are just too funny! :)
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Fatih Terim: Fiorentina
Hakan Sukur: Fiorentina?
Umit: Fiorentina?
Ergun: Fenerbahce?
Hakan Unsal: Fenerbahce?
Arif: Real Sociedad?
Popescu: One year extension?
Hagi: retired

=mid-table Galatasaray

Future of Galatasaray:
Coach: Trappatoni?
or Hagi as player/manager.
Midfielder: Zidane?
Forward: ???
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Midtable club? Are you kidding Turkey isn't Italy, there is only 3 clubs that could possibly win the league and Gala is one of them.

As for the transfer, I think Terim will take only one player with him to Fiorentina. And he will be Umit. If he takes any more he will run a high risk of playing more than 3 non - Eu players are the same time.

Arif and Sukur will likely leave. As for Hagi, he said he wants to play one more year, so we'll see what happens.
He said he is not gonna bring anyone frim Gala because he doesnt want anyone to think that he tried to weaken gala.
Have you heard this:

Galata very interested in Miu from Steaua.

http://fc-farul.tripod.com/ - FC Farul Online
Dont worry;

Fatih Terim: Fiorentina
Hakan Sukur: Bayern Munich or GS? (%30-70)
Umit: GS (%80)
Ergun: GS (%100)
Hakan Unsal: GS (%100)
Arif: Real Sociedad or GS? (50-50)
Popescu: GS (%99.9)
Hagi: GS - Player/manager (%80)

and GS have very good substitute players.. (Hasan Sas, Ahmet, Fatih, Mehmet Yozgatli, Marcio etc...)

GS 2000-2001
Hagi(H.SAS)-Hakan Sukur (or new transfer)

Next year: I think; GS will win European Super Cup, CL and Turkish League championships
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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