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These players are one's i've heard from players up the training ground and from newspapers so it could be true.

1. M.Hedman
2. A.cole
3. M.Reiziger
4. B.Thatcher
5. F Ljungberg
6. Y.Chippo
7. Zamorano
(not sure though)
8. P.Cocu
9. S.Guppy
10. Sa Pinto

1. Marcelino
2. Goma
3. Barton
4. Solano
5. Ferguson
6. Maric
7. Ketsbaia

If you know any names coming or going tell me them all even the one's you don't think are true. Tell me the players you'd like to see at the club. (realistic playes that have a chance of coming not like Rivaldo.)

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Players who are linked with Newcastle richard are:
Petrucci( some Italian youth, aparently he's a lady's man.
Andrew Starling( a youth from Peterbrough, but it's probaly doolaly)
Timothy Corbett ( Plays for Brighton, use to be an actor in Timothy Corbett mysteries)
& Gordan Evans ( a scottish player, plays for Ayr, his son is ugly appartly)

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