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Breaking News!!!

www.believeitwhenyouseeit.com yesterday issued another report. a follow up to Nesta Clone issue. For our readers that missed out on the initial article, you can find it here


Roma's Captain, Totti, aka Tottina, brough his threats to reality by creating a new movement called "If Nesta can do it, i can do it too". During the last press conference, which was deciphered by the lingusit consultants, Totti announced main policies behind this movement.

"We are aware that the move by this teams to unjustly avoid making clones of me, rather that Nesta, who again unjustly takes the title "prince of Rome" year after year, although he does not play in the team called roma (which is another proof of him cheating), i decided to put my weight behind this movement".

Answering the journalist questions, what was the last drop that made him decide to actually kick of this anti Nesta Clone campaign, roma's captain totti, aka tottina, said:

"Whils watching the last episode of Star Wars, Attack of the Clones, i actually realised that even this film is a part of bigger conspiracy to take my righfull place as a prima-donna of Seria A & Football in General. Lounching a film with this name at the same time when there are prepartaions to create Nesta's, rather than my clones, can not be coincidence. I actually employed a team of investigators that will look into the financies of these so called filmamkers & check if any of the teams that are interested in Nesta's rather than my clone, played any part in financing of this movie".

So, what will be your first step?

"as of tomorrow, we are starting to promote our couse by puting up for sale new action figure, "Totti - the real thing". I want to show the world that clones can never be as good as a real players. This action figures will be collectors edition. There will be one of me diving, me singing, me brushing my hair, and so on. There will be, following great sucsess of Ken & Barbie, female version, "tottina - the real women", which will be the same like "Totti" just pink package. Sale of these figurine's will gice us enough financies to sponsor our next move".

What this next move might be, Totti, aka Tottina, refused to specify.
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