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this is the latest brazilian transfer rumours i heard of,dont you if everything will happen but there is a big chance that the transfers would come true:

valdir:santos to atletico mineiro
marques batista: altletico meneiro to santos
moreira:tenerife(spa) to santos
ze maria:cruzeiro to corinthians
marcos antonio:corinthians to cruzeiro
adilson:corinthians to cruzeiro
edmundo:vasco da gama to cruzeiro or corinthians
cesar:paris sg(fra) to sao paulo
marcelinho carioca:corinthians to cruzeiro
axel:sao paulo to corinthians
junior baiano:vasco da gama to flamengo
edilson:corinthians to vasco da gama
euller:palmeiras to atletico mineiro
franca:sao paulo to fiorentina(ita)
guilherme:atletico mineiro to vasco da gama
viola:vasco da gama to santos
fabio junior:roma(ita) to corinthians
carlos gamarra:atletico madrid(spa) to corinthians
daniel:corinthians to sao paulo
juninho:vasco da gama to cruzeiro
edmilson:sao paulo to arsenal(eng)
what do you think,anything good?

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according to new rumours marcelinho carioca will definitely stay!!
felipe was wanted by fiorentina but now they want franca,today i read he could be moving to france,he was wanted by several french teams.

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the latest....

paulo nunez:gremio to sao paulo
marcio santos:santos to fluminese
ramon:atletico mineiro to santos
dodo:santos to deportiva la coruna
this was the latest news i heard of....
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