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transfer rumor...

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i read that lazio is interested in argentine kily gonzalez of valencia...i am really excited because if we get him with lopez, they will work great together...in valencia, those 2 speedy players are constant danger to the opponents.

what do you guys think? have you seen how he plays and if you did, then what do you think of him?
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I am in dubio :)

I always said that I didnt want anymore South American/Argentine players, but Kily Gonzalez....WOW!!

He is one of my fav players in Spain, and it would be absolutely great to have him, but......

And therefor I will return to my "statement":
Dont let Lazio become non-Italian!!
Another Argentinian? I think they're great, but what happen when Argentina plays international match? We'll be missing Veron,Sensini,Semeone,Almeyda,Lopez,Gonzalez...and that's half our squad!
Too much of something is never good.

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I think this is a trick, you know Cragnotti tried to buy (all of) valencia players before the game, that's why on Tuesday, they will not concentrate on the game, but on the money from the contract ....

don't accept it seriously .......
Gonzalez proved to be of great worth and definitely someone Cragnotti should watch out for......
However, when it comes to transfer rumours, I´m more curious (and concerned) about the "Filippo Inzaghi going to Lazio" rumour!!!
How much should one put in that?

Forza Lazio
In - Toldo, Kily Gonzales, Fiore, Lopez, Trezeguet, Vanoli, Matterazi.

Out - Marchiegiani, Favalli, Stankovic, Simeone, Bokic, Ravanelli
Barca can deal with 8 dutchmen because European internationals are always during breaks from the European national leagues. Not so with South American internationals.

Also, Salas has to go when they play WC qualifiers in South America. That means SEVEN players gone. Replacing Sensini with a European player would be vital.
If Killy Gonzales comes then Cragnotti will want to trade him for Simeone + cash, which would mean that the Argentinian equlibrium would reamin the same.

Killy is a great asset and I´m ok with the news but remember that we have had rumours all season and it doesn´t move me anymore.

Lazio needs Jorgensen on the left side and we need to put Stankovic on loan or let him play more because he´s getting worse and worse.

95-96 Red Star Belgrade A 24 4
96-97 Red Star Belgrade A 26 10
97-98 Red Star Belgrade A 25 15
98-99 Lazio A 29 4

Look at how many goals this kid scored as a midfielder with Red Star and tell me that there isn´t a huge talent hiding there. 96 he was 16 - 17 years old.
He isnt a bad player BUT when Argentina plays in da WC Q then its a problem fore Lazio with all the Argentinos who leave.


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It would almost be the same as Barcelona, instead theyr'e loaded with Dutchmen.
Once an important Barca match clashed with a Dutch friendly. All the Dutch players had to remain in Barcelona, when Holland played a very depleted match, missing half of the first team and losing embarissingly to Morocco 2-1.
well, barca has 8 dutch players...how do they deal with it?? i dont say buy the whole argentine national squad, but these guys are good and can play comfortably with their compatriots. i know you all know that if they do come, the team will be alot better, but i agree that too many is no good.

i think getting rid of sensini is good becausae if both kily and lopez come, we will only have one more argentine instead of 2.
Ofcourse it would be great that Kily and Lopez would move to Lazio but why ?!

We already have a great midfield and I think too that there would be too many argentinos in our squad. After all Lazio is an Italian team. Isn't it ?!
Lazio should sell Sensini and buy those two
very good players.
I think nedved is better than kily!!!
if lazio want to buy player, buy goalkeeper, def.midfielder and striker
nedved is good, but sometimes he makes me mad when he makes bad mistakes...with kily, you will get a guy who has great attack and great midfield work...well, im hoping he does come because he is going nowhere with valencia.
lazio is also interested in kily,but the transfer is unlikely now when they got piojo.
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