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Transfer NEWS!

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I can't reveal my source on this one- only tell You that I got this from someone employed by Juventus. It is TRUE. These are the objectives according to him.

1-Cassano: He WILL be a Juventus player. The clubs have agreed and the player himself want's it too. Whether it will be from next season or he will stay 1 more year at Bari depends solely on Juve's progress with other transfer targets. Cassano will be expensive, so he won't come this year if we get the other top priorities.

2-Cannavaro/Crespo. Juventus will table massive bids for both of them IF Parma lose out to Inter in the CL qualification. Whether Parma will reject or not is not certain. Players like Iuliano, Amoruso, O'Neill, Birindelli and Mirkovic can be included in these deals to improve Parma's depth + we might help them get some of their priority signings (Riquelme for instance)+ money.
If Parma qualify it seems impossible.

3- If Parma wins Juve WILL try for Figo. He will be the most costly player at Juve ever, but Agnelli will pay most of it from his own pocket. He has always been a big fan of Figo´s and if Ancelotti can't persuade particularly Crespo- Figo could become the 2.nd most expensive player in history after Vieri.

4- Vieri/Batistuta: Inzaghi is certain to leave, and if Crespo fails Juve will compete with all the other clubs interested to sign one of the two. Preferebly Vieri, but Lazio looks set to outbid us if the possibility arrise. Bati will propably not accept a Juve bid to please Viola's supporters.
Monteall is the back up plan.
I personally don't think we'll get either of the first two.

5-Cirillo and Zebina: Both are certain to join if Juve actually want's them (depends on the negotiations for Cannavaro + apparently on-going talks for Cristanval of Monaco, who is AWESOME by the way ,but these are only initial negotiations).

6- Zidane: Will stay for 1 more season with the propability that he could even take 1 more.

7- Bachini: On his way out, as are Oliseh (depends on O'Neill), Rigoni (propable loan with Empoli/maybe Sculli as well).

8- Fiore: Wayward target, but Conte might be sold off against his will to get Fiore if the possibility presents itself. HIGHLY unlikely though.

9- Davids: Every bid will be resisted no matter the gain.

Both Moggi and the Agnelli's are keen on drastically strenghtening Juventus squad for next season, and this will be the most drastic transfer campaign (expenses wise) for Juve ever.

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Great News GLEN!YAHOOO!:If Cassano comes next it is great!Figo-FAnTASTIC!CRESPO-SUPERB! :)))
Cassano won´t play any first team football next year anyway with Juventus. The best thing for Cassano is to be loaned out. They already have Del Piero,Kovacevic,Amoruso,Fonseca,Esnaider,Inzaghi(maybe),Zalayeta and Cassano. They will probably buy someone else also.
Is Zalayeta still owned by Juventus?
You´re making me scared Glen.
It seems like my Parma MUST win against Inter.
Moggi should definitly bring in Figo, no matter what the price is (unlikely though if Barca get´s a new coach). If he comes you will win the league for sure. I promise.
I think we should get Figo at all costs (if he will leave Barca). With Zidane leaving in one more season, Figo would make up for the HUGE loss. IF Zidane chooses to stay for more than one season, all the better!

I think Vieri/Batistuta won't come to Juve. That's a real shame. I'd LOVE to see either one of those guys here!!!

Cristanval? YES!!! :) :) :)
If that is true Glen than Juve will be by far the best team in the World.But I do not believe that Moggi would spend so much money.

Well i think zizou is very likely to leave as he has gone to anfield 6 teams this season !!!!! I thinkk that juve will not to buy players who are fully dedicated and if zizou has lost his heart for juve then it might be the best to sell him!!
Sorry to break ure hearts but the talented zalayeta is not owned by juve and is now at seville where he has scored breathtaking goals against atletico madrid and even celta vigo!!!

forza juve
For the record; The above mentioned transfer topics are not my personal views. These are the honest opinions of a person working inside Juve's camp. Whether they will come true or not- I don't know any better than You guys, but this source of information is certainly more interesting (and reliable I think)than seing TuttoSports daily gossip.

Yuan; Like You I've lost count of the times You've blasted Moggi for not spending more.

Not withstanding that I can follow Your sentiments to some extend, I still think You're forgetting all the good elements and blowing this out of proportion.
Last season we sold Henry because Ancelotti couldn't fit him in and besides Henry preferred to go to Arsenal to be with Wenger. Apart from that Di Livio was sacked because he could still bring in some cash, while generally being on a downward slope concerning skill + Deschamps opted to leave at a time when he was spent as well.

We brought in the biggest Italian wing prospect Zambrotta for more than 10 mill.£, broke our transfer record to get Kovacevic, bought Oliseh and Bachini for depth (and for that they're top class).

A player like Isaksson is for primavera only. He showed glimps of great promise at Sweeden's Helsingborg (I think), and considering that Buffon and Toldo are now rated at app. 20 mill.£ it's only sound businessmanaging to check out young talents before their prizes sky-rocket. Now it seems D'Amico is a better prospect (and we can still get back Abiati's U-21 stand-in Morgan De Sanctis), but this investment was a minor one, and we can always wait a year or two, and sell him on with proffit.
O'Brien; I seriously never understood that either.
But I think You should think twice before downsizing the talets of players like Bachini, Oliseh and Mirkovic. Bachini has been capped for Italy and the two others are regulars at their National teams (Olly even captain). They haven't excactly been given a fair chance to prove themselves.
But considering they might never be succesfull at Juve, some times players don't match the team they're with. Davids never fit in at Milan, but is doing wonders here for instance.

Moggi is a screwd negotiater and he's a charachter for sure, but he's most certainly not an idiot.

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Glen, are you sure about Inzaghi leaving? Weren't there fervent denials by juve officials? I personally don't care. Pippo may have scored many goals but he's not good enough.
just to make one thing clear; I was not hinting at getting ALL of the stars mentioned (Crespo, Cannavaro, Figo, Canavaro, Cristanval).
That is obviously impossible. But the arrival of two of them is far from unlikely.

Zalayeta is ofcourse owned by juventus he's only loaned to Sevilla, don't you know that juventus never sell 'little' players they always loan them out
I really hope we can secure the signing of crespo.He is a quality player and personally i would even prefer him to batigol and vieri.With him playing alongside del piero we will surely have one of the worlds best striking combinations.on figo i honestly can not think of another midfielder that i would rather have at the club.Many people think he is even better than rivaldo.
Glen we only need
Inzhagi out ---> Batistuta in
beside we ha Eshnider a very brillint player +Del Piero..
get Batistuta... he will come easly because he want to leave forentina..

Vieri is not playing well but Batistuta scored 23 goal !!!! one goal behind Sefchenco
...Eeven more than Crispo
Glen, i don't know if u're just trying to make juve fans happy or what but i will sure be happy if moggi starts spending a little more. i miss count of how many times i've posted a subject about juve needing to buy more 'key' players to maintain their status as a top club.
i really hope some sense will get into moggi's head. isn't this familiar?......news about juve buying this and that, crespo and figo, all the best players that juve fans wish to have but mr.moggi still ends up getting unestablished young players from serie c/b/belgium league/norway league or only God knows where. every season when the transfer market opens, my heart hurts a lot watching other clubs make big signings while juve buy players like oliseh, bachini etc (u know).
i already had the feeling when juve bought those guys that they won't make it in serie a/juve. players like isaksson, ronnie o'brien, mirkovic who were bought last season
just don't match juve's standard as a top club. we have to build a stonger squad and moggi should change his @#[email protected]#$ policy when it comes to buying players.

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i agree..I prefer palying with 10 players than playing with 11 and INZAGHI one of them!!!!!!
Glen: Isaksson used to play for the swedish team Trelleborg (typical mid-table team by the way). Isaksson will probably not play in Juventus for a couple of years. He will most likely be loaned to some other italian club next year. He has a lot of potential though.

To me the best transfer news during the summer would be if Juve bought Figo. That and Crespo instead of Inzaghi would make Juve the strongest team in italy.
Barnbip; Oh yeah You're right Trelleborg it is.
This season Isaksson has been heavily critized because of poor ballhandling and he has cost the Primavera team a hatfull of goals, but as he's only 18 years or so, I'm sure he will continue to improve- most possibly by being lend out like You said.

Just an FYI ..I could be wrong>>Juve is very interested in VIERI>>>
What are your thoughts..Lazio has an offer as well..
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