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Transfer News [Archive|Pre 2005]

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Terim does not wanna see neither Popescu nor Hagi next year in the team. He says Gala needs two new younger stars that will replace them. Its a good choice of course to be successful in the champions league next year. They will certainly buy very good players.
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Gala is after Song from Liverpool and Djetou from Monaco to strengthen their defence for next yera and also to replace Popescu.

They have already signed with captain Bulent(warrrior in final :) ) and Suat but have not come to an agreement with Umit, Hakan Sukur, Hakan Unsal or Ergun. Umit and Hakan Sukur said they were most likly to negotiate again after euro 2000.

I dont know much about the two players that Gala are after for defence but i am certain they re very good. we all know Fatih Terim. He knows who to get! no worries :)

its time to show the world that what we can do in the cl this year. With1 defender, one great midfielder and striker, we will certainly go very far :)
Oh well, they served their team proud! :)
Djetou is really good. He is wanted by many top clubs from Italy. I highly doubt he would go to Galatasaray.
Eclipse, i f u pay the price all will come.
Who said Hagi?? or Poescu(the captain of Barca at the time) would come?? :)
This young star from Yugoslavia, Nikola Lazetic, was rumored to be going to Inter or Juve definitely. Yesterday, he signed contract with Fener :)
Arif asking permision to go To Sociedad.

Galatasaray striker has asked Fatih Terim permission to leave for Spain, to Real Sociedad.
He said that Sociedad wasnt a better team than Gala but he wanted to play in Spain so much that he accepted the offer. Now, he wants Terim to let him go.
It looks like they are gonna let him go. He was a good pair with Hakan Sukur but if he wants to leave so much, they wont stand in his way. The spanish club has already signed a contract with Tayfun of Feenrbahce. He is also in the national team, playing midfield.

If they are gonna get a good striker, why not let him go! he is going for sure in my opinion, i just hope they get a real good striker to replace him. :)

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Damn I wanted to see him in Valencia if he was going to go to Spain. Oh well. :(
Damnn, i know. I was thinking the same thing. The latest news is that president wants $4.5 millkion for him and Sociedad gives 3.5.
I think he wants to go there because Natinal team midfielder Tayfun is gonna be there too. And also, he might think that it is harder to replace Angl0ma and Ilie. he was constantly fighting for a place with Ilie when he was in Galata. It will certainly be easier to definitly be in the line-up in Sociedad.

He is definitely leaving and i am really sorry abou that.
I agree with you completely, but not for this player he already turned a move down, so do I don't really think when the president calls him and tells him "hey, gala made us a great offer do you wanna go there?" that he'll just be okay with it.
Terim signed a contract with Fiore for 1 year!!for $3 million. I cant believe it! we are fuc**d!! He said he wouldnt leave :9 he turned everybody down.

This could mean many things, Emre leaving!!or even Hakan Sukur!! Umit too!!This is really disappointing :(
It is nice that Terim had gone to Firenze. Better this way: He will make a good training after that he will stay in Galatasaray forever.
Bad news for Sukur though: If he didnt argued about that silly jeep he would be in Fiorentina too with his coach.
According to all the papers today, the president has offered Becali, Hagi's manager that they wanted to apply Vialli model in Chelsea to galatasaray with hagi :)

Terim suggested president Suren Hagi to replace him because he said he knows the tream very well and the way he makes them play. According to the model, he will play another year in the field but he wil also be the coach. Then he will continue being the coach and but etire after a year.

I think this is great. He knows Gala as well as Terim. He is ambitious and doesnt accept losing. He is basicly same as Terim in Character. IN my opinion this model would be a great contribution to Gala's performance.

The only other two alternatives mentioned are Trapattoni and Hodgson so far.
They already did and Hagi told romanian tv antenna 1 that he would like to do it/ He added that he could only play soccer for another year.

This is a great idea. i wold love to see this magician leading our team. I think it would even increase his performance because he will feel more responsible for his actions and he has to make a good start to his career and it s a great opportunity for him too :) :) :) :)
carlito: Glad to hear you in good spirits my Turkish friend. After Terim left I thought you would be sad. But this news about Hagi being coach could be just as good as Terim.

Another thing, does this mean that Popescu will stay as Hagi is the coach. And this probably opens possibilies for more Romanians to come to Gala.

it would be very fine to see Hagi as player/manager at Galatasaray.he knows the team and turkish football as well as european football very well and i'm sure he would be succesful

try http://hakan.sukur.tripod.com
Although Terim said he wouldn't buy any turkish players it's rumoured that he wants to see some of his ex-students in Fiorentina.
According to papers Hakan,Umit and/or Emre may go Fiorentina...
What do u think about that?would it be nice to see them playing in Italy?
EclipsE: U are right, i am happy. i never thought about that alternative before, Hagi being coach and player. He is someone who knows the team very well.

If he thinks realisticly(which he probably wont), popescu will not stay. BUt he will keep him in my opinion. They are relatives and etc.. He will think more emotionally in my opinion. In that situation we will see how good manager he will make. Difficult choice! This team definitely needs a new very good and younger defender.

Who could he get from Romania?? Do you have new stars? But i dont think he will go for Romanians(unless they are extremely talented). I dont know why but even for roomates, he specifically doesnt wanna stay with them(ilie, popescu, filipescu). he enever roomed with any of them. That could mean something.
I just read it on a paper. He told reporters, he would love to do it and he was ver much honored by the offer. :)
There is always bright talents in Romania :) :)

Also, what do you mean when you say "he doesn't wanna stay with them" as referring to ilie, popescu and filipescu.
NO, thats not what i mean. I was just asking. Could that be the case?? not only those specific players, i am talking in general. they are only examples.
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