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Myself I can't help but feel a little disappointed.

Yeah, Moggi has done some good. O'Neill might be good, though I think he's got a lot to prove before we know whether he's really Juve material.

Trezeguet, though I don't really like him yet, could probably be quite formidable, and here MOggi did the minimum he needed to do, which is to say, bring at least one more superstar striker to this team, to cover a fading DP/Inzaghi combination and inconsistent Kovacevic.

Paramatti is a little too old, but is a great flexible player, the kind of utility player Juve love.

Zanchi is probably the best buy as best we can tell on paper. Young, but ready for first team action, plenty of Serie A experience, but still able potentially to be with the team for another decade if he works out, and a great potential central defender to take over from Montero if that should be necessary.

But I think Juve have only taken a few of the steps they needed to take.

What I most regret is that Moggi has not done much to take advantage of the tremendous amount of Italian talent available in the last couple of months.

For example, Fiore I believe would have been much better than O'Neill, and if Juve had been paying attention they would have realized what a brilliant, explosive new player they might have been able to get here.

But now that they've bought O'Neill, they probably couldn't buy him. He's become too expensive, and there would be too much competition for Zidane's place. So lost opportunity there.

We haven't done as much as the other clubs to absorb the great talent of the Euro winning U-21 Italian squad, aside from picking up Zanchi. We should have investigated buying one of the strikers, perhaps Spinesi, and maybe a winger mid-fielder like Coco.

Definitely there were a lot of midfielders and strikers who popped up with the smaller teams in the last year who might have been perfect additions.

Instead of getting Brighi, who'll only be joining the youth team, we could have bought say Brocchi, midfielder of Verona, who Inter have wisely snapped up.

Instead of Vieri Jr., we should have brought one or two of any of the following, Cassano, Cammarata, Spinesi, Lucarelli.

Spinesi, 22 I think, of Bari, already is emerging as one of Italy's more promising youngsters with a lot more Serie A exposure than Max Vieri, also 22 who only has played in Serie C1.

Cassano, 17, one might think is too young, but remember that some of the greatest club players, Nesta, Totti, Raul started playing for their future clubs at that age. Cassano already has Serie A experience that even some of Juve's most promising could only dream of, like Rigoni, and with some deft performances showed a level of promise that is only too rare. Cassano would also have been a perfect understudy for Del Piero since the age differential is large enough that DP wouldn't feel that Cassano is undermining him.

Yes, Cassano might be even better with tons of playing time with Bari for a year or two more, but again, if we sell Esnaider, we are going to NEED some cover for Del Piero. Not having cover was the single greatest mistake of the 98/99 season, and ultimately proved a fatal one when DP got injured for the year. Plus, as I said, there seems to be a great history for introducing promising players of Cassano's age into a great club's first team.

If we don't get Cassano soon, I feel Juve will have blown a great opportunity.

Now for Cammarata and even better Lucarelli, these 25 year olds would have been perfect additional striking talent to get before we got Trezeguet. If Juve were looking for the next Vieri, they need have looked no further than Lucarelli whose 15 goals for Lecce were quite impressive for a striker nobody seems interested in.

BIg, strong, and formidable, Lucarelli would have been a perfect addition. Enough experience and proven strength to add to the strikeforce, young enough, unknown enough to be cheaper than a lot of foreign superstars like Trezeguet, plus a Lucarelli would be unable to whine for a first team placement, since a move from Lecce to Juve would itself be such a promotion that to question it at all would be most unwise.
Plus of course Lucarelli, being Italian, knows the language and has already adjusted to Serie A, two qualities you just can't say of our new signing Trezeguet.

Which brings me to a larger point. Too often the big Italian clubs feel they have to look abroad for equivalent talent that they can find at home right under their noses. Buying Trezeguet is a perfect example. Yes, clubs like Inter and Juve are smart to observe that the French have plenty of great youth talent, but SO DOES ITALY!, as the four out the five last Euro Under-21 titles can attest to.

Italian clubs have continuously largely failed to absorb the potentially great young stars of these teams, with only a few breaking out and earning their rightful place. Totti for example is a rare example of this.

Now, I'm not Italian, but I've always deeply respected the Italian style of football, and I've always hated to see them not realize the potential of the talent available to them.

Further, not just in Italy, I admire clubs the most when they develop players from the youth level on up and make them their own, make the stars themselves. Again, this is partly why players like Totti, Nesta, Buffon, Raul, and Del Piero are so famous, great and popular. They tie the fans to the club, are often of the highest levels of talent, often being the greatest player of their respective clubs.

I wish Spanish clubs were doing a better job of developing Spanish talent, English clubs too, and German, etc.

I've always admired Juve in particular because they were frankly the best of the Italian big clubs at doing this, and that's one of the many reasons they are, in my humble opinion, the greatest and most glamorous Italian club in the history of calcio.

I would hate to see Juve fall behind at living up to this legacy. Not that I think they're doing a HORRIBLE job at this, just that they could be doing better. Inter, for example, is actually done a better job of integrating young talent into the team with the purchases of Cirillo, Brocchi, and Pirlo, all great young players ready and available for first team time.

Does anyone else not think there were many promising young talents at the smaller clubs who have been unfairly or unwisely ignored?

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I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I think Juve should get Spinesi, Cassano and Coco. The three of them would be grest for us I think. Even Ventola is great. I read today on the Juve site that Milan were offering Comandini plus money for Inzaghi. Comandini is a very good young player. Fiore was also mentioned of joining Juve as well. It looks like if he leaves Udinese, its certain Juve has got him. Also, Fiore and O'Neill can play in both positions. These being behind the strikers and in Tacchinardi's position at the moment. So we can have them both at Juve along with Zidane.

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I think both of you should go and make a cold shower.You analysed with brialliance Juve's transfer moves and I think Juve did extremelly well.Many of you think Zanchi will be Ferrara's back up.Wrong.Zanchi will replace Montero because he is mainly a sweeper.Tudor will stand by Ferrara and Paramatti will fight it off with Iuliano_O'Neill is a player who play at the Zidane role or more pulled back.trezeguet is an exelent young forward better than Inzaghi and Kovacevic and I think he will win the place next to DP.If you get a left midfielder I think you have a perfect team.to sum it up,I think only Parma has done better than Juve in the trasnfer market till now.No matter how many youngsters Inter buys you should worry.They will never get a chance and they will be wasted.There is no Cirillo or Brocchi anymore.

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abdul what are you talking about.I´m not a Juve fan but I admire their defence. They only was scored against 20 times in 34 games. Best in Serie A and you say that they need a better defence.

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Hi there Terry- it's been a while :).

Like AMO I feel we've been doing more than well so far. Everybody get's greedy around this time of year, but if we don't get another left wing option I'll be disappointed too. That remains to be seen though.

O'Neill-Fiore; Well O'Neill cost us 23 billion lira while Udinese has set 50 billion as their prize for Fiore. Rumour has it that Fiore is not leaving Udinese for ANY team this season, but we're certainly in contention for the 2001 season.

Youngsters; It's true that we didn't snap up many of those U-21 European Champions players. We did get the biggest Italian defence prospect since Nesta-Cannavaro though. Many of those playes were very tough to get a hand on too, as Milan for instance had contracts or pre-contracts with 4 or 5 of them (Abbiati, Coco, Commandini to mention the best known). Baronio we all knew would be going back to Lazio, Pirlo is Inter property and we've been involved in the negotiation for both Cirillo and Spinesi. Ventola is another young hopefull striker, but I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole considering the ammount of injuries he's getting.
Noone knows where Spinesi will end up, but he was supposed to be a part of the negotiations when we earmarked Cassano (he WILL come next season). Cirillo is a very attacking minded left-right sided defender who can also play defensive midfield. We don't use wingbacks and what we've been craving for is more offense from our wingers so he really wouldn't give us that much I feel.

Vieri Jr.- He might be a no-go I don't know. He just comes with the same experience as Bobo, as he was NOTHING before Juve. You mention Cassano- I don't mind to wait. Cammarata- Why ? I know he scored twice against us in that dreadfull 2-0 loss, but he was Del Piero's strike partner when they played Primavera and he had a CRAP season until the last 9 games. He's nothing in my opinion. Lucarelli I would've liked too, but I still prefer Trezeguet.
Honestly I don't know why people are right now questioning why Juve isn't getting more youth players. If Maresca isn't loaned out this season I expect a breakthrough for him, and players like Brighi, Vincent Pericard, Max Vieri and two other youth players I don't remember have already been added to the squad. During last season we aquired Maresca, Malatesta and last years Primavera player of the season Guzman. It's a gamble to see if they will end up stars, but to get a game they'll HAVE to be very good, because the rest of our squad is. In Italy there are not as many walkovers as there are in other leagues and that is why it's very dangerous gambling with the starting line-up. I would like some foreigner restrictions to improve the youngsters chances, but as it is I understand why the management goes with the proven talent at hand.


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Yes, I agree that Juve have not done horribly in the youth area, it's just that I felt they could have made a little wiser choices with regard to some of the youth they've tapped.

More a matter of being judged by the higher standards Juve have been accustomed to achieving.

There were a couple of small problems that kind of prompted me to mention the youth thing. There's always a big problem, as you say, with introducing youth players to the starting lineup (or even the active sub line up) of a big club in Serie A. So most teams like to loan out youth talent.

The reason why I kind of discounted Maresca, Rigoni, Sculli and so forth in my post was that they have been rumored to be future loanees, which might be good, or it might not. With Juve, and some other big clubs, loaning is often done
- but loaned players unfortunately rarely come back. Just look at the recent example of Amoruso. Perrotta, loaned to Bari by Juve, was another perfect example of this.

Loaned players, unfortunately, are often seen as question marks, hence that's why they're loaned. If the club really sees them as a great prospect, often the player will be kept on the bench and gradually introduced to the team (a la Del Piero back in '94/95 or Nesta or Totti, etc). Otherwise they're loaned, and an impatient big club will use the loaned player as collateral with the small club to get some other big star that might pop up.

Again, not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that when I hear that Maresca or Sculli might be loaned, I just can't help but be a little suspicious that they might not come back. If these guys are treated like Pirlo of Inter, then that would be ok. That's more the way it's supposed to work in my opinion. You loan a guy out to get experience, and then you bring him back when he's ready. But the whole youth system kind of breaks down a bit when you cut that final step out of the equation.

Yeah, I know Juve have got a superb Primavera lineup, just tons of great youngsters there, but as it now stands, there'd be virtually NO chance we're going to see any of them get any time with the first team next year, and if they're loaned, well...there's always a danger that leads to a permanent break with the club.

That's why I guess I kept talking about the Under-21's because they're mostly too experienced and too old to relegate to a Primavera squad, so if a club buys them, there's more of a chance they can actually get some real Serie A action soon. That's why I was the most pleased with Zanchi of all our signings, and the prospect that he might be the next Nesta level central Italian defender is a really salivating prospect.

Juve seem to be getting a great potential bench of new guys about 2 or 3 years down the road. I just think there's a bit of a problem now relative to the other clubs like Milan and Inter who are ready to introduce between them a number of great young players who might be explosive, like the 4 or 5 U-21 guys for Milan (Comandini) or Pirlo and Cirillo for Inter (myself I think Pirlo gonna be the biggest of them all, could be the next Del Piero or Totti).

As a couple of footnotes, I personally don't think Rigoni's gonna get loaned, at least not now, because he's still tied up recovering from the six-month injury.

As for Cammaratta, I agree that he was CRAP until the last couple of games, but then he was really quite hot, and the connection with Del Piero all those years ago when they actually WON the youth title just seemed to me a potentially useful Juve connection.

Regarding Fiore, I hope you're right, that we can really compete for this guy's signature next year. Unfortunately, just read today that Roma and Milan might stand a chance of getting him now. Myself I'd discount Roma a bit because I think with Nakata and Totti, there'd be very little room to make for Fiore over there right now.

But I think MIlan are perfectly positioned to swoop in and get him, because Boban and Leonardo are really fading, and Milan have yet to make any big purchases and there's growing pressure for them to do so. I think they just might be willing to fork out the 50 billion lire.

YOu're right about the economics of FIore vs. O'Neill, because Juve have saved a lot of money with the Uruguayan. I just hope that he's as superb as Fiore has shown himself to be.

On a side note, I'm glad that we didn't sign Milosevic. I also was REALLY hoping against that move, 'cause I don't much like the guy, and I think he would have undercut Kova, who's proven himself enough with this squad to be given a second year to make more room for himself.
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