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news from the official Juventus website:
GM Luciano Moggi said that there will be no more acquistion of players! what??!! no more? Is he kidding or what? How can we compete with the other teams if we don't bring in more(and better) players?
I'm not saying that we don't stand a chance at all with the current squad of players. But why don't we strengthen the squad further, just to make sure we lay our hands on the Scudetto and the Champion League trophy next year? I really don't want another season of disappointment...

let's take a look at our striking force:

strikers: Del Piero(poor form), Inzaghi(not exactly talented), Trezeguet(i'm counting on him!), Kovacevic(not worth a starting place), Fonseca(!??)

Of course I hope Del Piero can bounce back... but you never know how long that'll take...
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