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this is the latest news on transfer!

Monaco's player, Sagnol in Bayern.
Auxerre: Rolland (trainer), Deblock (Sedan), Dieng (r.p. Sedan), Offal (r.p. Chateauroux), Lempereur (r.p. Niort).
Lille: Pignol (Monaco),
Lyon: Cuperly (Auxerre, assistant trainer), Beat (trainer of the guards, Chateauroux), Müller (Grasshoppers Zurich), Chanelet (Nantes), Foé (West Ham).
Marseilles: Gregorini (Nice), Camara (Inter Milan), Montenegro (r.p. Independiente), Belmadi (r.p. Celta Vigo).
Paris-SG: Distin (Gueugnon), Dalmat (Marseilles), Carotti (r.p. Saint-Etienne). Saint-Etienne: Panov and Berezowski (Zenith Saint-Petersbourg), Fellahi (Red Star), Ponsard (r.p. Nimes).
Sedan: Dupont (Gueugnon, trainer), Verschuere (Chateauroux), Gourville (Mans), Dia and Diaye (Monaco), Frétard (Amiens) Strasbourg: Remy (Martigues), Ground (Gueugnon), Camara (r.p. Neuchâtel), Martins (r.p. Bordeaux).
Metz: Jager (r.p. Louhans-Cuiseaux), Diani (r.p; Beauvais), Boulila (r.p. Mans). Nantes: Mary (r.p. Red Star).
Troyes: Lalisse (r.p. RC Paris), Sekli and Zambernardi (Ajaccio).
Rennes: Heurtebis (r.p. Troyes), Chapuis (Niort).
Toulouse: Da Rocha (Bordeaux), Courteous (Lyon), Billac (r.p. RC Paris), Sié (r.p. Pau).
Lens: Debève (r.p. Le Havre), Chaussidière (r.p. Wasquehal), Diop (r.p. RC Paris), Oruma (r.p. Nimes), Marichez (r.p. Niort), Zeitoun (r.p. Troyes), Sankharé (r.p. Créteil).

So far, there's no progress on monaco's bidding!! :(

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tell me more about gregorini!!!

I read somewhere that Sylvain Wiltord wants to leave French football and prove himself in the English Premier League, with Arsenal, Aston Villa, and Tottenham already shown interest. Do you know more about this Bodat?

it doesn't surprise me Arsenal has shown interest, I mean Wenger, he's on the brink of singing another frenchman, Robert Pires from Marseille, and he'll hang to Petit for next season too.

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I can tell you guys that Monaco have bought Salvador Salva Ballesta from Racing Santander. For those who don´t know who he is, I can tell you that he scored the most in the spanish league, but he´s not that good.

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