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Tradition or Fashion? Our 08/10 Away Shirt

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A new shirt is due to next season...away this time. i mocked up some kits based on the new adidas designs. just wanted to share and get some ideas from you for more versions :thumbsup:

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never again! see what happens when we play in this color (last time we got relegated too i think)

:D but i will try to use it :)
In my eyes #5, #12 and #14 look really good. The narrow black and red line on the arms is nice. #12 is a good combination of colours and lines and #14 simply classic. What I'd suggest for #14 is a black collar. Didn't the one from the early 90's have a black collar, too?

No, it didn't. ;) But it would look good.

Claret-red is not a good colour this year, but we didn't get relegated with it the last time. From 1990-1992 we had the good old cotton claret-red kits.

I will curse the day when I do not fit into that jersey anymore.
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Oh, and OPM, what about a black version? Just like our Benfica jersey, perhaps with a bit of red or/and white on it. Maybe #12 with converse colours.

And good work. Really. Some people would get some good money for that.. ;)
hehe... I've just seen that you also used the Eckes picture to illustrate the striped shirt. ;)
The first one is fantastic. Really..
first and third :thumbsup:

hands down OPM, great work !
so many nice jerseys in here, I really want to know now how our 08/10 shirt looks.
08/10 ;)

Freudian slip that you want the next year to never happen? :angel:
:D If that could be possible in a retrospective way I would want to forget this year. No, it'll be our away jersey for two years, that's why I wrote 08/10, just like OPM in the title.
just like our current home kit is 07/09 ;)
Ah, ok.
Some nice shirts there.

Do you ahve a special program for it ?
Yes, OPM makes some nice designs. I hope our new away shirt will look as nice as one of them. ;)
I don't know how he makes it.
just regular photoshop work :)
this is it...

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I'm torn... on the one hand I like it, the different arm colours look neat, but the ring around the neck looks a bit strange. And it looks a bit like a training shirt. Oh and it's got the typical wide cut, or they all wear it a size too big.
Great shirt. I like it.

Audio... There will come a day when like me you will be pleased that the shirts are wide cut. (Even then I still have to buy them big.) I drink too many beers and eat too many Wurst in Franconia.:drunk:
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