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As it getting closer to the end of the season, I thought it would be a good chance to start this thread now.

Who do you think will be trade bait and sold? Mine are below.

Birindelli - should retire
Zebina - grygera and mellberg to cover RB
Molinaro?? - lots of LB rumours and De Ceglie wanted by Ranieri
Andrade?? - new CB rumours, legro good enough for back up with mellberg an option there as well.

Marchionni - mr injury prone
nocerino?? - maybe not as good as ranieri first thought. sissoko joining and many other midfielders being rumoured.
olivera - that is if he is still on our list...give him back to a south american club.
almiron - good trade bait
tiago - surely couldnt stay at the club after this poor season.

palladino? - it's hard, he isnt a star, but he hasnt been used properly either. with giovinco being rumoured to return, it would be best to use him as trade bait.

The ones with ?? are possibilities...i think this team has a lot of average players, if they can be called that. The team needs some important signings for next season and a lot of the names above costed the club good money.

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i can't imagine re-couping anything from andrade. the whole thing surrounding him when he joined was that he never recovered from his first injury. he started the season brightly but now after this latest spell? we'd be better off keeping him.

regarding tiago and almiron, i'd wait to see what we do with our manager before sending them off at his request. playing CL we need depth up the middle so it'd be pointless using them as trade bait if we get a new coach who'll actually utilize their characteristics better. especially if we trade them for players with similar or inferior qualities.

as for the rest of them i agree completely. specifically palladino. non-juve fans seem to rate him quite highly so if their TDs are as idiotic as they are we can probably get a pretty decent return for him.

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Maybe I should have added Ranieri in my post as well. If it stays as is, he would be considered a success for the club as the club strived for CL qualification. I honestly think he, along with Secco are there to stay at least one more season to see how the CL campaign goes.

As for Tiago, I would love to see what a new manager could do with him. Alongside Sissoko, I think we would have a great midfield duo. Almiron on the other hand I really don't see being anything in this team. I would rather use him as bait and bring back Marchisio, he is younger and has a brighter future than Almiron.

All in all, I believe if Tiago and Almiron left and Hamsik and Marchisio replaced them, we would be better off regardless.

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We should bring Mirante back and offload Belardi or Vanstratten,
we need a very good back up solution, because Gigi has his back problems and he might be very tired after the EURO.Competing in 3 competition will give the necessary chances for Mirante to shine with our colors!

For RB, i guess we should try and off load the injury prone Zebina to an EPL team, if no ones is interest and we cant find a proper upgrade, i guess Zebina and Grygera with back up Mellberg and Salih are ok...

For the CB, Secco said we wont buy any new CBs, i wish we was lying, or else i hope we throw Secco away,
we should better, execute or burn Secco, he destroys our team, we cant allow him to harm our team further more, this guy must die!!!
Legro and Mellberg are not CL material and Andrade may, or may not recover from his injuries, IMO we need a world class CB, but i dont see our owners are willing to invest, we will regret this severe mistake, as we did with others (Boumsong)
On theory, Chiellini, Mellberg, Andrade and Legro should be enough for the rotation, at crisis situations, Zebina and Grygera might help too!
I wish we should trade half of this junk, with a proper reliable solution like Felipe or Zapata !

On the LB, we have absolutely no back up and our first choice Molinaro, should return back to primavera. Molinaro should not be allowed to play professional football. We need a new LB, someone like Grosso and De Ceglie as a back up, alternative, we could give back Chiellini his natural position and buy a top class CB

RM, Camo and Marchio/Salih should be suffice, BUT they are not, Camo proved that he can also get injured for long periods and he has a growing tendency to get suspended lately.
Marchionni wasted his final chance with us this year, he tries hard to become the new definition of injury prone and competes with Andrade+Zebina for the title of "the new Igor Tudor"
Time to sell him and bring in Maxi R. as a swap with Tiago!

LM is our top priority, if we can live without a new RM, we cant live without a new LM, we are Neddy dependent and there is no player to fill up his shoes, Giovinco and Kewell and any other quick fix wont do! We need to invest on this position and bring some1 good enough, so we will have the chance to rest the retiring Neddy, even if he stays for one more year, we cant expect him to keep winning all our matches in championship, cup and CL. We need to buy someone like Mancini, thats our top priority among with a top class LB or CB! Hamsik said that he isnt interesting on joining Juventus, let him rot in Napoli then!

AMF or CM; smth good will come, i feel it, i hope it will be a great playmaker, to solve our creativity problems and turn our straight 4-4-2 to a diamond 4-4-2. CR attempted to do this with Tiago, i said back then that it was countermeasures and we need to invest big for such a player. I hope we wont repeat the same mistakes again and again.
As a DM we have Sissoko and Zanetti for his back up, the new CM-AMF would have Giovinco as his back up. Marchisio is a brilliant all around player that would be used for depth!

Up front, we are kind of stacked up, if we keep the 4-4-2 formation and the occasional use of the trident, 4 forwards are enough.
We have 3 world champions and we need a younger one, willing to wait on the bench and ready to step up, when our champions retire in a few years.
Our attack is now very balanced. I think we should keep it like that, one more year and if Palla doesnt improve, we should trade him for a very promising CF, like Huntelaar, next year.
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