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Totti world cup victory contribution

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I've been reading lots of posts and hearing arguments here and there about how Totti was not so essential for the victory in Germany. The semi fare ones would mention that PK he scored and remember that he had just got back from almost a career ending injury. However few are those who really felt his true contribution. As always, the issue with Totti, and in my opinion, the very main reason he doesn't get recognition is that his game is not flashy but efficient to the core. Only those with true tactical sense about the game would appreciate it.

Please watch those two clips and give your thoughts.

P.S this thread is not underestimate the contribution of any other players. What was unique about that victory is it was won as a team. This thread is just a response to the Totti-was-useless in the WC argument.

Ignore the crappy music

Part 1:

Part 2:
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Ignore the crappy music
Good suggestion. I had the bad idea not to turn off the sound and now that crappy repetitive music has entered my head.

Totti's contribution was well below his usual standards, but he is the kind of player I would never keep out, even when he is unfit, because he is an assist machine.
Aside from Rossi, who looks promising, we really miss Totti... he didnt score so much, but he created countless chances every game, even at his worst.
Even if he wasn't as good for the NT as he is for Roma, he was still an important player for the NT and always got assists/potential assists. Anyone who says Totti was useless either just has a bias and hates Totti, or, like you said, didn't recognize the tactical part of his presence

I will be honest, I was very pissed off at him and Nesta when they retired for not being committed enough and also because I know we would really miss them........but I have let it go now

And to be honest, nobody knows what would have happened if Totti wasn't at the WC. The pass/play to Grosso before being fouled for the penalty was classic Totti and then he handled the pressure and scored, who knows what would have happened in extra time............we all need to thank him for that. And also, of course, the determination he had to make it to the WC, how hard he worked, risking his career and playing with screws in his ankle :eek: :proud:

Forzaa Totti :)

Edit: I just watched the videos, what a ridiculous player :proud: If only he was 100% at the WC..........we probably wouldn't have needed penalty's or extra time :stuckup:
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would have been regarded as great performance if he had a forward who could finish and run onto his passes, very nice videos
Italy only "miss" Totti because Italy have no other proper AMC.
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