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Once again Totti silenced all his critics tonight.
As i watched this Euro 2000,nobody gave him a chance except the person who mattered most...Zoff.And Totti repaid him with goals and with heart.And still was overshadowed by Del Piero,as the italian people were feeling that this was still his team.
And as the game unfolded tonight one man emerged from the rest....Totti.
His play was sensational,attractive,technical,tactical,and beautiful.He took the team in his hands and delievered.
Like he said during the competition,'I'm not afraid of responsibility',well my friend, you showed tonight you deserve it.
We give you are team,lead it well...we know you will.
Totti showed tonight he truly is a fuoriclasse,perhaps this would have been amplified more if they would have held on to win in a heartbreaking loss.But despite this he emerged high over Zidane and into the limelight as Italia's true future.



I knew Ono's name was going pop up somewhere. He has some great skills and he's a bright hope. His nickname is "genious kid" and he plays a very smart game with great touch on the ball. I think he's been a forgotten player becuase he plays in J2(similar to Serie B), but like Batigol he's sticking with his team.(When Fiorentina dropped to Serie B, Batigol didn't leave Fiorentina). Well Ono has been injury plagued, and I think his prospects of playing abroad will depend on the olympics. In recent months, Nakamura who plays in the similar position has taken more of a spot light over Ono. Nakamura is a great passer and for awhile Perugia was eyeing him, but Nakamura opted to play in Japan. Personally I think he isn't physically strong enough yet. Physical strength is what alot of Japanese players lack, and I think Nakata is an exception. At Perugia, Gaucci(the owner) always praised his strength and casted many questions to Capello regarding Nakata's early substitutions.

Anyhow, I think Japan has alot of gifted midfielders who has many potentials. Personally I like to see more Japanese defenders and defensive midfielders play abroad. I think this will strengthen the team for 2002. Also coach Troussier's guidance is starting to blossom. The past games against France, Jamaica, Slovenia, and Boliva has been a success. Now it's time for olympics.

After the Japan vs. France match, France asked Japan for a mini tournament next June. It's possible that France is looking to check the weather and field conditions for 2002. With Italy asking similar requests, there is a possiblity that France, Italy and Japan will play few matches next June. JFA is also negotiating with Brasil for this proposed tournament.

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Is it true that England what to come to Japan/South Korean in the future to prepare for the WC2002, being English I don't know why they want to prepare becuase they probably won't get there.

Japan would give us a shock, they are team with a big future (i hope), with Nakata they have a midfield better than any English one, with the expetion on Beckham, who is our best player.

Nakata7 would you think Ono would make it England, I heard Alex Ferguson asked about him, and Wenger did manger in Japan, so he should have good knowlegde of any bright talents. Reports here said Man U and Arsenal both are tracking him, that was some time ago though.

Also do you know if any English Premiership teams are going to Japan for frendlys to prepare for the new season?.
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