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Roma are looking to keep Totti for life they plan to extend his contract til 2005,his current one runs until 2003.Sensi wants made an offer,but Totti's agent wants more and they'll find an agreement in between around maybe 5.1 mil(Euro).I think this is crucial to keep Totti happy and his mind clear for this upcoming season,cause the expectation of the fans from him after a great Euro campaign will definently give him enough pressure.
But Totti is surely up to it,his hunger has gotten greater after the crushing loss to France,he wants to win something when everything is said and done.

Just an aside,with the new signing of Figo Today i got a list of the highest paid footballers in the world check it out:
Questa la nuova classifica dei trasferimenti più costosi:
1) Figo (2000/Barcellona-Real) 140 mld
2) Crespo (2000/Parma-Lazio) 110
3) Vieri (1999/Lazio-Inter) 90
4) Batistuta (2000/Fiorentina-Roma) 70
5) Anelka (1999/Arsenal-Real Madrid) 66
6) Anelka (2000/Real Madrid-Psg) 65
7) Denilson (1997/San Paolo-Betis) 63
8) Amoroso (1999/Udinese-Parma) 60
) Rivaldo (1997/Deportivo-Barcellona) 55
10) Vieri (1998/Atletico-Lazio) 50
11) Ronaldo (1997/Barcellona-Inter) 48
12) Shevchenko (1999/Dinamo Kiev-Milan) 45
13) Montella (1999/Sampdoria-Roma) 40
14) Shearer (1996/Blackburn-Newcastle) 35,6
15) Vieri (1996/Juventus-Atletico) 34
16) Ronaldo (1996/Psv Eindhoven-Barcellona) 30
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