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There is a guy from Interfans.org under the nick Totone who has a hobby of drawing cartoons and he has drawn a couple on Inter. I am taking the liberty of transmitting some of them here. Here's the first titled "Application of TV evidence in Inter's case":

Translation of captions

1st judge:"Look here, Materazzi's nose is hitting the opposing players fist!"
2nd judge:"Hmmm, we can not use that, the referee is waving play on..."
1st judge:"No he isn't, he is saluting some guy in the stand thinking he is his cousin. Three games suspension this is!"
3rd judge:"Look at Toldo chasing away the mosquitoes, that looks like an attempt to slap the opponent!"
2nd judge:"How's Juve getting on? They are winning, right?"
mouse:"I don't know, I am watching San Remo"
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