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I have only top 10 in all-time Brazil squad. I now would like to expand to be top 50.

1. Pele
2. Garrincha
3. Zico
4. Ronaldo
5. Didi
6. Romario
7. Zizinho
8. Leonidas
9. Rivelino
10. Rivaldo
11. Ronaldinho
12. Jairzinho
13. Falcao
14. Nilton Santos
15. Tostao
16. Socrates
17. Gerson
18. Djalma Santos
19. Ademir De Menezes
20. Carlos Alberto
21. Julinho
22. Kaka
23. Arthur Friedenreich
24. Roberto Carlos
25. Gilmar
26. Domingos Da Guia
27. Ademir Da Guia
28. Canhoteiro
29. Leovilgedo Junior
30. Careca
31. Toninho Cerezo
32. Pepe
33. Danilo Alvim
34. Bebeto
35. Jose Altafini
36. Jair Da Rosa
37. Reinaldo
38. Clodoaldo
39. Marcos Cafu
40. Dirceu
41. Amarildo
42. Heleno De Freitas
43. Luis Parreira
44. Roberto Dinamite
45. Quarentinha
46. Paolo Cesar Caju
47. Leonardo
48. Coutinho
49. Zito
50. Robinho

Substitution List

Paolo Cesar Carpeggiani
Emerson Leao
Leandro Ferreira
Dada Maravilha
Jair Da Costa

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1. Pele
3. Garrincha
4. Zico

Bernard > Messi
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extremely hard to do such lists. If you ask 1000 guys to do their top50 you wont find a single list duplicated.

top50 per each decade would be fairer and easier to do.

Bernard > Messi
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PS: Zico the amarelinho de quintino, o pé-de-gelo, can't be ahead of Ronaldo, Romario, Rivelino, didi, etc.

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That's a very good list.

One could argue that Mauro Ramos should definetly be there.

The name that IMHO clearly does not belong is Leonardo.

My list would probably look like this (BTW, it changes all the time):

Rest in no order.
Nilton Santos
Carlos Alberto Torres
Mauro Ramos
Domingos da Guia
Roberto Carlos
Julinho Botelho
Ademir da Guia
Ademir de Menezes
Paulo Cesar Caju
Gylmar (GK)
Roberto Dinamite.

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I would say:
1 - Reinaldo is widely reggarded as the greasted player from Minas Gerais ahead even of Tostao, who gladly aknowledge this. At any point there is no discussion: he was better than his teammates (Eder or Cerezo).
2 - Coutinho is a machine, one of the greatest centerfowards of all time.
3 - Paulo Cesar Caju? He was not better than Dirceu Lopes or Piazza. By the way, neither Socrates or Dirceu were.
4 - Bauer from 50's may be missing in most lists. So maybe is Evaristo, Barbosa, Moacir, Fausto, Renato Gaucho or Rai.

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It is very surprising that Reinaldo is better than Tostao.

Anyway, Reinaldo was kind of target striker ? I think his states was not impressive if he played as CF. Was he a great assister ?

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Reinaldo stats is a tricky one, the guy was twice as broken as Ronaldo, even before he became a professional he had 2 surgeries on knee, and with 19 a second one that was a disaster. After 1978 he only played with strong medicine, barelly being able to do any training.

The guy was a perfect finisher, complete. His positioning was more like old romario (which said Reinado was his model centerfoward), but lots of Players that played with him scored also, because Reinaldo was great to play without the ball, opening spaces for those who came from behind (Zico classify him as the best partner he had in the National Team) and with the skills that at his time was comparable only to young Maradona. But Reinaldo career was just destroyed by violence and well, external factors too. He had only 2 real years where he was fit: 1976 and 1977.

in 1976 Cruzeiro dominated state of Minas Gerais (four titles, 2 brazilian leagues final). The team had Raul, Fontana, Perfumo, Jairzinhos, Dirceu Lopes, Piazza, Ze Carlos, Palhinha, Joaozinho and others. Atletico in a lowndown decided to use team of young boys. Reinaldo was 2 years younger than the generation, but he was lifted. Cruzeiro seemed that would keep the domination, winning the Libertadores that year. Then in the Mineiro they are overplayed by Atletico, with Reinaldo commanding it in such way that Piazza gave up playing football, Dirceu Lopes, Ze Carlos and Raul were "shunned" by the fans and left the club (not at sametime) and Atletico dominated the state from that year and most of the 80's. Cruzeiro solution to control him was hire a sequence of poor defenders, which only object was hit him. That same year, Reinaldo lead atletico to the semifinals (not exactly, the form was different), Atletico got knocked out in a single game against Internacional (Falcao, Carpegiani, Figueroa, Manga, etc) which is one of the greatest games ever in Brazil, with an amazing goal by Falcao.

In 1977 however nothing would stop Atletico, they did not lost a single game in the national league, the only games wihtout scoring (2 I think) are games that Reinaldo did not played. He broke the top scoring record (which only went down recently, when the brazilian league number of games was increased), but Reinado ratio still untouchable: 1,27 goals/game (or something close). Yet, Atletico ended in second place, because the weird rules of the competition and also, well, months before the final Reinaldo was red carded in a game. A few days before the final, Reinaldo was judged and they gave him a game of suspension, just to keep him out of the final. So the game ended 0 x 0 and even Atletico having more than 10 points than São Paulo (in a time the victories were 2 points only) and the final went to penalty kick off.

From that on, Reinaldo injuries were too much, he barely being able to play his only Cup. Yet, the two greatest teams of brazilian 80's were Flamengo and Atletico. Zico's flamengo had only 1 real adversary, Atletico of Reinaldo, the teams basically defeating each other in their home grounds. Even so, Flamengo victories had the very suspicious help of certain referees: in 1980 final for example, Reinaldo was red carded when the game was 2 x 2, because he did not get up after a tackle. The 150000 presents are chanting "bichado", which meant something everyone knew, Reinaldo entered mauled in the game, barelly walking. Even so, He scored the two goals of Atletico (having scored the goal of first game in Belo Horizonte too). So, as long Reinaldo was in the field, Atletico was the brazilian champion. (Many forget Atletico campaing in 80 was slightly better than Flamengo, the advantage of a draw of Flamengo was due a dumb rule of better semifinals. While Fla faced Santa Cruz, Atletico defeated Internacional, so fla had a draw and a victory, and Atletico a defeat and a victory). And next year in the Libertadores there was the shameful game at Serra Dourada that Jose Roberto Wright gave Reinaldo a red with 30 minutes of game for nothing and clearly robbed for Flamengo.

In 1981 classificatory Reinaldo, with physical problems and all was the partner of Zico, scoring decisive games. But Reinaldo had left-wing sympathies, and Tele suffered a pressure, leaving Reinaldo out of 1982 list (even that list with the extra-players to be called in case of injury). It would be less problematic, as Careca was there, but he got injuried and this paid off. Instead of genius (who would improve that team talent) we had a brick wall named Serginho (who was overall a good scorer, but somewhat clumsy in that team).

God of Beira Rio
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Ze, please tell me who is Chen Zhizhao and how he came to Brazilian championship.
sure that something good has he but is a Chinese player.

Dearman Marinho Chagas, Junior, Everaldo are good are top 50
Maicon and Dani Alves are best now in Brazil


:worship: but Ademir da Guía is not 27 is 15 player
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