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I really like midfielders and I appreciate their game more than those of goalkeepers, defenders and strikers. Despite people bashing Serie A and calling it a weak league, I think Serie A has some terrific midfielders. After watching a lot of Serie A action (just like I have done for the past 15 years), I think the following are the current top 10 midfielders:

/With no particular Order/

Pirlo - I don`t think I can say sth more than you already know and read about him.

Marchissio - An elegant, hard working all around midfielder, capable of playing in various tactical schemes.

Vidal - My favorite midfielder of Serie A. Heard little of him before moving to Juve last summer. A beat in all aspects of the game.

Hernanes - An elegant midfielder, good dribbler and ball control, nice shot, good vision of the game. 8 goals so far this season. This season he plays in a deeper role which further displays his qualities.

Hamsik - An impressive attacking minded midfielder. Quick, nice shot, good with headers and with an overall impressive game.

Borja Valero - I can`t believe a Spanish midfielder is playing that well in Serie A. Awesome vision for the game, nice passes, high intelligence.

Guarin - A brilliant midfielder and not inferior to neither from this list. This guy does it all. He makes the difference in the current Inter midfield.

Nainggonal - Once this guy moves to a bigger club, he will be a top European midfielder. Hope he joins Lazio somehow. I would sell half of my team for him. He is half of Cagliari.

Inler - Another terrific midfielder who scores spectacular goals. He was great at Udinese and continued with the same pace at Napoli. Instrumental for Mazzarii`s game.

Lodi - Catania has 32 points already and a lot of credit goes to this typical Italian midfielder who is having a terrific season and already linked to a lot of big Serie A clubs. Lucky is the team to get him.



Pjanic and Lamela (Roma)
Ledesma and Mauri (Lazio)
Pogba (Juve)
Pizaro (Firentina)
Behrami (Napoli)
Gomez and Izco (Catania)
Diamanti (Bologna)
Valdes (Parma)
Cambiaso (Inter)
Obiang (Sampdoria)

***I may have forgotten someone, but these are in general the best midfielders in Serie A right now!
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