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It is really difficult IMO to only highlight 10 players in this position because of the amount of quality players that has worn that shirt number. But the idea is to highlight the bests of the bests in your opinion.
I am considerably young, and my "carrer" as a footy fan isn't extensive at all, but I've try to culturized myself in this sport.

This ones are the best from what I've seen:

1. Maradona
2. Pele
3. Cruyff
4. Platini
5. Laudrup
6. Zico
7. Matthaus
8. Valderrama
9. Baggio
10. Rivaldo

instead of Rivaldo I was thinking Van basten or even Eusebio...but Rivaldo deserves as space in my rank :kiss: !

which ones do you consider the best "10"?
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