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~Tony Adams Testimonial~ Arsenal V Celtic

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2nd Tony Adams Testimonial

I've nicked this from the official website (hope they don't mind me spreading the word!)

To commemorate his 19 years service to Arsenal Football Club, Tony Adams has deservedly been awarded with a second Testimonial Match.

The match will take place at Highbury on Monday 13 May 2002. The kick off time and opposition for the match are yet to be confirmed, but as soon as there are any developments they will appear on Arsenal.com.

As the details for the match are still being finalised, the Box Office will not have any ticket information until Monday 29 April 2002.

Hopefully the opposition will be a bit better than Crystal Palace (no disrepect intended, but he deserves world class opponents this time).


I don't like the sound of them apples, Will! What are we gonna do?!

P.S....The latest word is Celtic will be the opponents. Any thoughts?
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I am sure you could have found better opposition than Celtic surely:howler:
Who's actually going?

I got my tickets on Thursday, - East Stand Upper.
I was sitting in my usual seats in the North Bank upper Tier. 38,021 people turned up for Adams' special day. The match finished 1-1 with Lee Dixon getting the equaliser after Thompson scored a belter of a free kick.
It was a very emotional day which saw Bould, Winterburn, Lukic and Wright return for the match.
It was a great evening and the Celtic fans were also great paying their respects to Mr. Arsenal.
If this was Adams' last game we will all miss him greatly and will never forget him, the same goes for Lee Dixon.
Thanks for all the Memories lads!! :proud: :cry: :proud:
What a way to go out, with the old defense! Perfect end to a great career!
As Adams left the pitch the Arsenal fans screamed out 'One more year!' over and over again. And after the testimonial Adams said in an interveiw that he is strongly considering one more year at Arsenal. He said if he believes he can perform at the highest level he will stay, but if he realises he can't he will be off 'to play his piano.'
I am now praying that Adams gives the fans what they want and that is another season captained by Mr Arsenal.
Maybe next year Adams will be saying his farewell after clinching the Champions League trophy along with our other two trophies.
i believe we can win the CL next year
then let adams retire
None of us wants to let go....understandable really with Adams being such a strong character. If his body was as strong I'd say carry on....but it isn't. I think it's time we were all a little bit more realistic. Adams managed 10 starts in the Premiership. Next year that number would more than likely be fewer. I say let the man walk away on top, having just done the double. Let him go with a bang, not a whimper.

One last thing, I for one did not think the Celtic fans were 'great'. As a self-professed Celtic fan, I was very disappointed by the way they BOOED decisions, players and the ref and some of their more....political....songs were out of place in what was meant to be a celebration. They seemed to take it as a very serious 'Battle of Britain' game. Well, if you're playing against a back five whose combined age must have been very near 200 years old you shouldn't be baying for blood every time there is a slight misdemeanour!


HOECS games make kids smell like hammers.
If Adams quite I`ll understand him but if dosen`t I will be really happy to see him play for another year.
For the younger players it always take time to come back to thieir best after an injury but Big Tone just step in after been injured for 3 months and play as good as he always does, It is (was :( ) the same with Dixon.
it was a really emotional game lastnight.
adams has been through everything with arsenal, he is surely our greatest ever player:)
what a man................................
I must say that there are few players who are as deserving of such a testimonial, and respect and admiration as Adams. A truly outstanding servant for club and country, a leader and one of the best defenders I've seen. I still remember his volley against my beloved Everton back in '98, a beautifully stuck goal.

Could Arsenal-Celtic be a rehersal for the CL next season? Maybe next season's CL final?
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