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~Tony Adams Testimonial~ Arsenal V Celtic

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2nd Tony Adams Testimonial

I've nicked this from the official website (hope they don't mind me spreading the word!)

To commemorate his 19 years service to Arsenal Football Club, Tony Adams has deservedly been awarded with a second Testimonial Match.

The match will take place at Highbury on Monday 13 May 2002. The kick off time and opposition for the match are yet to be confirmed, but as soon as there are any developments they will appear on Arsenal.com.

As the details for the match are still being finalised, the Box Office will not have any ticket information until Monday 29 April 2002.

Hopefully the opposition will be a bit better than Crystal Palace (no disrepect intended, but he deserves world class opponents this time).


I don't like the sound of them apples, Will! What are we gonna do?!

P.S....The latest word is Celtic will be the opponents. Any thoughts?
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yea, hopefully it would be a worthwhile team to watch
didnt seaman have his against barca?:)
then why not for the sake of it dump AW in to it as well
maybe o'leary can learn something from him
do you think that Adams should retire with his shirt?
so that means no noe else can have his shirt number since i think he is truelly one of the best arsenal players ever
i believe we can win the CL next year
then let adams retire
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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