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Tone on the box

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just wondering if people caught the ch4 programme on our skipper last night and what you thought of it.....

i thought it really showed him as an unbelievably strong character, i mean he always plays with courage and
100% commitment and it seems he drank with as much
enthusiasm too.......

but now he is battling his addiction with an equally strong
spirit (no pun) and determination.

i have to say though , whilst i was watching him play in the late 80's and early 90's i could never tell what he was going through...

but i find it hard to believe that GG and other coaching staff
never picked up on this earlier......

the drinking culture amongst footballers has changed dramatically in the last ten years in this country and i think it had to..

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Yeah, I saw it. It's strange how different some players are on the pitch from off it, and how some are completely the same.

Tony Adams looks fearless and indominable on the field. Off it, he looks a completely different person. For more evidence of this, check out Addicted. It really is an excellent book.

Others, like, say, Gazza, are the exact same people that play every Saturday (except Gazza doesn't play at all any more).
It was good, the whole 'Football Stories' series has been good.

All the stuff in the program is covered in the 'Addicted' book - the best sports autobiography ever written!
I also watched the programme, I found it very interesting and it also showed how strong Adams is mentally to give up alcohol. It just shows that he is one of the best defenders in the world when he got Man of the match whilst drunk.
I really can't believe, watching the programme yesterday, how much Adams has changed, it is astonishing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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