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...we will win, but can we win by three goals. Yes! It will demand a brilliant game, but I think we have a good chance at winning 3-0 (or 4-1 for that matter). If we get two goals in the first half, the pressure's on Valencia. Many of our top players are in a great form. Inzaghino (if he can play), Mihajlovic (he was great on saturday except for that one moment), Veron, Simeone and most of all Nedved. Tha man's amazing right now.

If we can handle their counter-attacks (which we weren't able to do two weeks ago), I don't think we have too much trouble scoring three goals.

My prediction

Lazio-Valencia 3-0

Goals: Nedved, Veron, Mihajlovic

PS. Will Mendieta be able to play? I think he's the heart and soul of Valencia. If Valencia is 2-0 down, I don't think they have the spirit to prevent the third goal without his leadership.

yes, mendieta will play, that's not good, I am not sure, if Lazio will win, because underestimate Valencia, they did it two weeks ago, and they will do it tomorrow too....
i am a big fan from lazio, if it's possible, I hope, they won't underestimate valencia once again, but, their words... i don't know

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Nothing's over yet. Scoring 3 goals won't be easy, but it's absolutely not impossible! Keep the faith, just like the 65.000 Laziali who will be supporting Lazio at Olimpico tomorrow night.

Giulia1, I think Valencia-Lazio had nothing to do with underestimation. Valencia is a great team, otherwise they wouldn't have made it to the Champs League quarter finals. I'm sure Lazio knew/knows this as well.
We already underestimated a team 2,5 months ago (Lazio-Feyenoord) and got punished for it, so I really don't think we'll make the same mistake again.
The real problem was our defence, but I'm sure that will be solved... Nesta will be back. Now, I know that he's not the only one responsible for a victory, but I really think his presence does make a difference!

When there's a lot at stake, Lazio really knows how to show fighting spirit (remember Chelsea-Lazio?), so it really wouldn't surprise me if they'd go to the semi-finals after all!
And if they don't......remember there's always next season!



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