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Ok, I found this in the news section:

Toldo wants to leave Fiorentina
Francesco Toldo is acting to change club in the next season. "We'll have a new meeting with Cecchi Gori within ten days" Gastone Rizzato, agent of Francesco Toldo said, as reported on Wednesday by 'La Gazzetta dello Sport'.

In the first date the chairman of Fiorentina denied the chance that his top goalie could move away. But Toldo didn't give up. Despite his great feeling with Fiorentina and its supporters, he would like to have a new professional adventure in another club.

And surely there are some good bids to persuade Fiorentina to let him go: AS Roma is ready to pay 50 billion lire (€25.8m) or to give 20 billion lire (€10.3m) jointly with Eusebio Di Francesco and Francesco Antonioli; Lazio offered 25 billion lire (€12.9m) and Alen Boksic; Manchester United 50 billion lire (€25.8m) or 30 billion lire (€15.5m) and Massimo Taibi.

Now it needs to wait what Cecchi Gori will decide during the Easter meeting, when the goalkeeper will ask to be sold. In the director of the club there is someone who would like to sell Toldo in exchange of a good player and some money. But the president has the last word.

I don't know if there is any truth in this story but clearly Fergie is still not happy with the goalkeeping situation (I don't blame him. Bosnich is ****e!).
Francesco Toldo is probably the best goalkeeper in the world (along with Buffon)at the moment but would he adapt to the english game?
I mean Taibi was quite good in Italy but when he joined ManU he was crap when it came to coming out for crosses. This hurt his confidence and he seemed to get worse with every game. Would Toldo adapt any better?

Personally, I think Roma's bid of money+ Antonioli looks the best. But he may be attracted by the glamour of Manchester United. Although, I've got this funny feeling that he is Lazio-bound next season.

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Toldo was the best keeper this year in Serie A and he deserves a move (imagine where Fio would be without him and Batigol). Out of the three I think that Roma have offered the best (nothing to do with the fact that I support them). Is there any chance he will go to Real Madrid? :)

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if i leaves it will be lazio nothing else.
but he wants to stay.
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